2008 MEAFCS Award Winners

Announcing the 2008 Minnesota Award winners for NEAFCS

Minnesota Winners – NEAFCS 2008
• Continued Excellence
Cindy Petersen
• Extension Educator of the Year
Shirley Anderson-Porisch
• Distinguished Service
Rebecca Hagen Jokela
• Florence Hall (Teen Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents of Teens)
Kathleen Olson
Jodi Dworkin
Colleen Gengler
Chris Gonzalez
• Program Excellence Through Research (Using Focus Groups to Adapt Programming for College Financial Education)
Lori Ann Hendrickson
Rebecca Hagen Jokela
Sara Croymans
Janene Gilman
• Communications: Written Press Releases ( Back-to-School means helping children learn shopping lessons)
Lori Ann Hendrickson
• Communications: Radio (Foreclosure Help)
Rosemary Koziolek Heins
• Communications: Educational Curriculum Package (Debt Know How)
Cindy Petersen
Jean Bauer
Patricia Olson
Patrick Dwyer
• Marketing Package (Food Safety Program Marketing Plan)
Katherine Brandt
Connie Schwartau
Roselyn Biermaier
• Community Partnership (A Unique Collaboration)
Rebecca Hagen Jokela
Jan Gilman
Sara Croymans
Lori Ann Hendrickson
• Healthy Lifestyle Education Grant (E.A.T. – In [Everybody All Together])
Kimberly Asche
Marla Reicks
Donna Geiser
Ellie McCann
Sara Van Offlen
Elizabeth Johnson
Carrie Olson
Dee Ann Leines
Karen Shirer


2 thoughts on “2008 MEAFCS Award Winners

  1. Congratulations to all winners. You do great work. It is a good thing to get recognition for exceptional work.
    Well done!

  2. Congratulations to all of you!

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