Express Your Opinion on an Installment Plan for Membership Dues

Here is your chance to express an opinion regarding payment of the $100 membership fee for NEAFCS – MN Affiliate. Note, the $100 is split two ways with $70 going to National and $30 remaining in our MN Affiliate treasury.
One idea that has been suggested to us is that an option would be provided so that the membership fee could be paid in 2 or 3 installments. That may help members spread out professional dues committments. The MAEE Treasurer, Cindy Peterson, will be sending out MAEE and Section Membership Dues information later summer with a preferred return time of September 1. Total dues would need to be in by December 1 to meet the necessary paperwork due to National December 22. So, payment could be spread over about three months. Options might be:
– 2 payments of $50 each
– 3 payments; 2 – $30 and 1 – $40
Please comment before July 25. The board meets July 30 with this on the agenda. Thank you for your input!


8 thoughts on “Express Your Opinion on an Installment Plan for Membership Dues

  1. Well, I like the 2 payment option plan but thought it would be spread out more throughout the membership year but I undertand final dues are due to National in December. Since December is a tighter budget month with the holidays, I would rather just pay the total amount, $100 ,in October.

  2. I know it adds more to the Treasurer’s ‘to do’ list but if it helps some members, I say ‘go for it’! Nothing ventured, nothing gained – it can be re-evaluated at a future time if its not worth the effort.

  3. I think it would be great to have such an option. I understand implementing it for next years dues makes it almost as easy to pay the dues in one chunck but for upcoming years to have two to three payments spreadout throughout the membership year would be great!!

  4. Whatever way is most acceptable to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate membership is fine with me. Shirley A-P

  5. Thanks for providing an option for payment. As time goes on, this may be attractive to some members. If I choose the installment plan, I will need a reminder! Does this mean someone (Treasurer?) will send reminders (i.e. bills) to individuals about future payments? If so, this could create more work and follow-through for the Treasurer to track the payments. I also suggest “go-for-it” and re-evaluate in 1-2 years. Thanks for asking for my opinion!

  6. I like the two payment method.

  7. I think this would be worth trying. Perhaps the first payment could be paid in September 15 or October 15 with the second due December 15 to spread it out more. I would rather see a 2 payment split than 3. I know that members have been discussing this as an option for a couple years, so it would be worth a trial period of 1-2 years, and see how it goes and how many utilize it.

  8. I also think that the payment plans provide further options for members. We can always revisit after a time, to see if the options met expectations.

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