NEAFCS Election Guidelines

General Guidelines
1. Candidates for National and Regional office will stand for election on the basis of their qualifications.
2. No campaigning will be allowed prior to or during Annual Session. Campaigning such as direct mail letter, posters, resumes, promotional flyers, buttons, favors, hospitality suites, etc by the candidate or in the candidate’s behalf shall result in disqualification.
3. Candidate’s credentials will be published prior to Annual Session in the official NEAFCS publication for review by the Voting Delegates/Members.
4. Candidates’ original applications and resumes will be available for review by Voting Delegates at Annual Session.
5. Each candidate for National Office will be introduced at the Annual Business meeting prior to the election of officers. Candidates will be called on in alphabetical order (according to last names) to give a three-minute position statement. Candidates will also be expected to answer impromptu questions from Voting Delegates.
6. The process for nominations from the floor for NEAFCS Officers is as follows:
a. The “Candidate Application for National Office” form must be completed and submitted to the National Nominating Committee Chair one week prior to Annual Session
b. The National Nominating Committee will verify that applicants meet qualifications. These individuals will then be eligible to be nominated from the floor during the Annual Business meeting. Since they are not officially candidates until they are nominated from the floor, they cannot participate in the Open Forum or the candidates display.
c. Once their qualifications for the office they are seeking have been verified they will be given the same question all other candidates for that office have been asked to address. Written copies of their credentials may be distributed to Voting Delegates after they have been nominated from the floor.
d. They will also be invited to attend the second day of the pre-board meeting, as are the other candidates
7. The vote count will not be announced when election results are read at Regional business meetings and/or at the Annual Business meeting. This practice would be suspended in the event that no candidate received a majority of votes on a first ballot. In that case, vote count would be announced and voting repeated until one candidate achieves a majority.
8. The ballots will be printed in advance with the names of all candidates and having blank lines for the names of possible floor nominees.
9. The following opportunities may be provided for members and Voting Delegates to better know the candidates:
f. Hold a “meet the candidates” forum early in the week for candidates to state position and answer questions.
g. Place a special ribbon on the nametag of each candidate stating “OFFICER CANDIDATE”
h. Ask each candidate to make a brief position statement as a part of their application to be printed with their vita in a summer edition of an official publication.
10. If the ballot contains three or more candidates, balloting will continue until a majority is reached


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