News from National

Colleen and Becky were voting delegates at the NEAFCS Annual Meeting at the Galaxy III Conference. Here is a brief report of what that included.
– we attended the Open Forum, Central Region Business meeting, and the Annual Business meeting; voting delegate responsibilities are primarily at the Central Region and Annual Business meetings, the Open Forum is for all members.
– a few highlights from each:
Open Forum – Kathy Olson was introduced as candidate for secretary and she gave her speech; also Jeanne Priester was awarded the Friend of NEAFCS award – some of you may be aware of the health & nutrition conference which is named after her.
Central Business Mtg – we heard from the national VPs for the various committees, received the invitation to attend the 75th celebration – Annual Session in Birmingham Alabama.
Annual Business meeting – at national, seating of voting delegates is taken very seriously. There was a credentials issue with some states not naming alternates and having planned voting delegates unable to attend because of hurricane/weather related issues. We voted for the officer candidates and also on some issues brought forth on cost savings for the NEAFCS budget. Although National is looking at cost savings, there wasn’t a mention of any dues increase. Since our change in management companies, it seems there is a real effort to provide members with services that are of value to them.
We also heard at one of the meetings aobut the Annual Session Ad-Hoc Committee Report. This looks at both large and small changes for future annual sessions. Some changes have been implemented already. The October newsletter has a link to the report if you’d like to read it.


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