$75 for the 75th

Minnesota Members,
$75 sounds like a lot of money, especially in these economic times. A $75 contribution is the goal that NEAFCS has nationally for each of us to build the NEAFCS Endowment for the Future through the NEAFCS Foundation. The Endowment builds toward marketing Extension, leadership, awards, professional development scholarships and more.
Even though $75 sounds like a lot consider the wealth of possibilities just by consulting our own members:
– You could forgo purchasing 75 – $1.00 bottles of water during the year. Yes, you still need to drink the water, but consult our Food Science educators on which kind of water bottle to purchase. Then, fill your own from the tap and save all that money! It can go to the Endowment.
– You could also give up buying 75 – $1.00 snacks during the next few months. Consult with our Health and Nutrition educators for healthy alternatives you could make at home. And again, save all that money that could go to the Endowment instead.
– How about considering memorials to the NEAFCS Endowment or shifting what you contribute to other groups? We are committed to this profession or we wouldn’t be here. Check with the Family Relations educators for making this a priority.
– Finally, consider a savings plan throughout the year. Family Resource Management educators have spending plans. You could save a quarter a day and over 300 days, you would have saved $75 to go to the Endowment. Or how about $1.44 a week or $6.25 a month? Same thing but it all adds up to $75.
So, $75 sounds like a lot but with some planning it can be done. It would be great to see Minnesota add to the four life and current members who have contributed. The Minnesota Affiliate Board will be talking about what we can do to celebrate the 75th Anniversary including adding to the Endowment.
If you’d like to check out more details, go to the website at: http://www.neafcs.org.
Note: this is completely separate from anything we do in Minnesota with a quasi-endowment.


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