MEAFCS Minutes: 10-7-07

MEAFCS Annual Meeting Minutes
October 9, 2007 — 6:15 p.m.
Earl Brown Conference Center
The Awards Committee (Kathy Brandt, Glenice Johnson, Mary Caskey & Jo Musich) presented the following state/MEAFCS Awards. Several had also received regional and/or national, as indicated after each award:
• NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award – Glenice Johnson
• NEAFCS Continued Excellence Award – Colleen Gengler
• Florence Hall Award – Keeping Kids from Falling Short – Health & Nutrition: Mary Caskey, Kimberly Asche, Christina Barno, Marla Reicks, DeeAnn Leines, Sara Van Offlen and Lori Roth-Yousey.
• Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award – Debt Know How – Family Resource Management: Cindy Petersen, Patricia D. Olson, Jean Bauer & Patrick Dwyer.
• Mary M. Wells Memorial Diversity Award – Minnesota Latino Financial Literacy Program – Family Resource Management: Phyllis Onstad, Patricia Olson, Shirley Anderson-Porisch, Jan Gilman, Antonio Alba, Gabriela Burk, Jose Lamas, Memory Roberts, Kris Anderson, and Sam Schuth (Central Regional)
• Communications Written Press Release – Youth Spending Power – Sara Croymans (Central Regional)
• Communications Educational Curriculum Package Award – Organizing Your Important Papers – Family Resource Management: Glenice Johnson, Mary Anderson, Becky Hagen Jokela, Rosi Heins, Sue Hooper, Phyllis Onstad, Cindy Petersen, Sharon Danes and Marlene Stum (National & Regional)
• Communications Educational Publications Award – Teen Talk: Teens and Meth Fact Sheet – Ellie McCann (National and Regional)
• Communications Internet Education Technology Award – What’s new with Teens and Their Families? Family Relations (Team Award): Colleen Gengler, Kathleen Olson and Jodi Dworkin (National & Regional)
• Marketing Package – Family Relations Marketing Package (Team Award): Minnell Tralle, Rose Allen, Colleen Gengler, Ellie McCann, Joanne Musich, Kathleen Olson, Patricia Stoppa, Joel Dickinson and Andrew Brinkman (Regional)
• Community Partnership Award – Marshall Financial Empowerment Collaborative – Family Resource Management – Shirley Anderson-Porisch; and 15 community members
• Friend of MEAFCS – Kristina Wright, MN Credit Union Network
The meeting was called to order by President Elect Colleen Gengler. President Kathy Olson was unable to preside due to family commitments relating to her mother’s death this morning.
Present at the meeting:
1. Sara Croymans
2. Ellie McCann
3. Rose Allen
4. Lori Hendrickson
5. Becky Hagen Jokela
6. Susan Hooper
7. Cindy Petersen
8. Rosemary Heins
9. Glenice Johnson
10. Suzanne Driessen
11. Kathy Brandt
12. Deb Botzek-Linn
13. Carol Ann Burtness
14. Phyllis Onstad
15. Shirley Anderson-Porisch
16. Mary Schroeder
17. Mary Caskey
18. Shelly Sherman
19. Joanne Musich
20. Minnell Tralle
21. Colleen Gengler
22. Kay Lovett
23. Jan Gilman
Colleen appointed the following:
Annual Meeting Minutes Reviewers: Cindy Petersen & Glenice Johnson
Timekeeper: Lori Hendrickson
Parliamentarian: Shirley Anderson-Porisch
Agenda Approval: Shelly Sherman moved and Jo Musich second to approve the agenda
Welcome and Introductions of Guests/new members (by area reps)
Member announcements, celebrations:
• Rosi Hein introduced Shelly Sherman who is new to the association.
• Shirley Anderson-Porisch introduced Mary Schroeder who is returning to the association.
• Jo Musich introduced Ellie McCann who has returned to the association.
• Phyllis Onstad introduced Antonio Alba & Gabriella Burke as guests.
Minutes of 2006 Annual Meeting – Sara Croymans moved & Shirley Anderson-Porisch second to accept the minutes of the September 27, 2006 MEAFCS Annual Meeting Minutes.
Annual Report
Highlight of President’s Report – Colleen indicated Kathy’s report was printed in the annual report packet.
Committee Reports (as printed in the Annual Report) – Colleen Gengler
• Awards & Recognition/Membership – Glenice Johnson mentioned that Mary Caskey had provided leadership for the development of a packet for new membership and to assign a mentor to new members. Glenice moved acceptance of the Awards & Recognition/Membership report. The committee was congratulated on the increase in members.
• Professional Development – Becky Hagen Jokela
• Public Policy /Public Relations – Jan Gilman reported they had worked on the day at the capital. She moved that the committee report be accepted.
• Fundraising – Cindy Petersen reported that there are 39 bags of rice to sell yet. We sold $1447 at the NEAFCS Conference. She has sold 70 bags since. $1390.48 expenses; profit $644.42 ; $394 in proceeds from spring auction; earned over the $1000 goal for the year. She moved that the committee report be accepted. Deb Botzek Lyn asked if we had submitted expenses to NEAFCS for the wild rice sold in Denver. Rosi Hein & Kathy Olson will deal with that as they wrap up items from the annual session. Glenice moved and Ellie second that rice be sold tomorrow during the box lunch distribution and the MAEE meeting for 1/$6 or 2/$10. Motion passed
• Annual Session – Rosi indicated that she and Kathy Olson developed the report printed in the annual report. Rosi thanked everyone for their support and work at the annual session. She moved the report be accepted. There was a question on what happens with the funds in the tri-state committee. Rosi indicated the tri-state committee will address that issue. Colleen presented Rosi with a framed picture of Rosi & Kathy in recognition of being co-liaison of the annual session. Colleen also had a framed photo for Kathy.
Committee sign-up – Colleen Gengler circulated a sign up for the three standing committees. Fund raising was not included on the sign up due to it being an ad hoc committee. Committees are:
• Professional Development: Minnell Tralle, Suzanne Driessen, Lori Hendrickson, Mary Schroeder
• Awards & Membership: Kathy Brandt (chair for membership), Mary Caskey (chair for awards), Rosi Heins, Cindy Petersen, Ellie McCann
• Public Policy/Public Relations: Kay Lovett and Jan Gilman
Administrative Liaison Report – Colleen shared that Karen Shirer expressed her regrets for having to leave early and not having a report.
There was no old business.
New Business
Election of Officers 2007-2008
• On behalf of Kim Asche, Nominating Committee, Colleen presented the following slate of officers:
o President – Colleen Gengler
o President Elect/VP – Becky Hagen-Jokela
o Secretary – Sara Croymans (one additional year)
o Past President – Kathleen Olson
• Cindy Petersen moved and Glenice Johnson second to cast a unanimous ballot for the President, President Elect/VP and Secretary. The motion passed
• The following were identified as Area Representatives – Two Year Terms
o North: Jo Musich (2nd year), alternate: to be named
o Metro: Rose Allen, alternate: Sue Hooper
o South: Shirley Anderson-Porisch (2nd year), Kathy Brandt
Finance Committee Report/Proposed 2007-2008 Budget – Colleen Gengler reported that Kathy Olson worked with Tim Arlt, MAEE Treasurer, on the budget numbers. The board worked to match the budget up with the policies and procedures at their August board meeting. Kay Lovett moved and Jan Gilman second to accept the budget. Minnell recommended that depending on the amount of funds we receive from the national tri-state committee our organization should reconsider reinstating funding PILD. Motion passed.
Proposed Constitution/By Law Changes – Shirley Anderson-Porisch shared that she, Roselyn Biermaier and Kathy Brandt reviewed the constitution and by laws and presented suggestions to the board at the August board meeting.
• Phyllis Onstad moved and Jan Gilman second to accept the proposed changes on the constitution. Motion passed Rosi Heins and Sue Hooper moved to accept the proposed changes on the by laws. Motion passed.
• Glenice Johnson moved and Rose Allen moved to accept Section 4 of the Bylaws. Motion carried. Shirley also described the proposed information in policies – finance, organizational and amending. Rosi Hein moved and Kay Lovett second to accept the Finance Policy as written. Motion carried. Rosi Heins moved and Cindy Petersen second to accept the Organizational and Amending Policy as written. Motion passed.
• NEAFCS Annual Meeting Report –Colleen Gengler
o Colleen shared that at the Tuesday morning forum the officers talked about the strategic planning process. This will be ongoing over the next year. There was a budget discussion. Colleen indicated the annual meeting session was very formal.
• Other business
o Deb Botzek Lyn wanted to recognize Kim Asche and Pat Stumme’s contributions to the MEAFCS organization. Kim will continue her membership in our organization.
o Glenice and team donated the $50 check which the Financial Security in Later Life team had received for their National Communications Educational Curriculum Package Award for Organizing Your Important Papers, to the MEAFCS account.
o Minnell shared specifics on Kathy Olson’s Mother’s funeral arrangements.
o Door prizes were drawn:
 Lori Hendrickson- cook book
 Jan Gilman – cookbook
 Mary Schroeder – Fiskars Scissor
 Mary Caskey – Nasco food safety ball
o Colleen sent around a basket of cards for each member from Kathy Olson.
o Colleen distributed gifts from Kathy for the past board members. Colleen also had a gift for Kathy Olson as the outgoing president.
• MEAFCS Winter board meeting: a MEAFCS representative will be determined by email among board members
• MAEE retreat: November 7-8
• Galaxy III, Sept. 15-19, Indianapolis, Indiana
Colleen adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.
Minutes by Sara Croymans, Secretary


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