NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Executive Board Minutes

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday, March 5, 2009
Conference Call
I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Colleen Gengler (Past President); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary). Available for reports: Karen Shier (MEAFCS Liaison; Mary Caskey (Membership/Awards Committee Chair); Sara Croymans (75 Anniversary Committee Co-Chair).
II. Call the meeting to order: President Becky called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.
III. Business:
JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) Conference Report:
• Becky shared information and reflections from the recent JCEP workshop held in San Diego.
• Keynote: “Ethics in Today’s Extension World”. We are all living in a busy, constant world and leaders can and do have positive effect on ethics. Need to focus on doing the right thing at the right place. One of the ethical challenges faced by Extension educators is individual decisions meshing with organizational decisions. Extension is also faced with making impacts along with meeting needs of clientele which may present ethical issues.
• State-Sharing: Many states are facing and dealing with budget issues. Many states are utilizing various forms of technology to meet as an organization and conduct educational programming. Many states are trying to maintain current staff and recruit new members to the association.
• NEAFCS is proposing a project to promote NEAFCS and generate revenue for states and the national association. Project: develop a cookbook ($25) with resource information for consumers with each state providing recipes and consumer information. Lots of discussion at JCEP – positive and negative. The NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board discussed the project. Becky will share information with the membership via blog and generate comments.
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Cindy had sent a report of the current financial status of the organization.
• Net Worth (3/4/09): Total Assets ($18,051.25) – Total Liabilities ($0) = Net Worth ($18,051.25). Banking Summary (3/4/08): Total Income ($200.00) – Total Expenses ($2,457.50) = Total Checking (-$2,257.50).
Committee updates: President-Elect Suzanne encouraged committees to provide feedback about their work.
Professional Development: Suzanne shared information from the Committee:
• Professional Development Day will be held May 1. Theme: Diversity. Agenda will include a panel discussion; Celebration of the 75th Anniversary; Sharing of the recent Mexico and Brazil trips by members.
Awards/Early Career Award: Committee Chair, Mary Caskey provided a report.
• As of March 5, 10 awards in a variety of areas were submitted for review. Final day for awards is March 6. Additional information will come from the committee.
Membership: Mary Caskey reported on current membership.
• Current: 32 members.
Public Policy/Public Relations: Committee Chair, Kay Lovett provided a report.
• The Committee is developing a fact sheet or talking points to share with members when visiting/talking with state/federal legislators. The Board encouraged the Committee to develop the materials and attach to the association’s blog.
75th Anniversary Committee: Committee Co-Chair: Sara Croymans provided a report.
• A sub-committee (Kim Asche, Jan Gilman, Phyllis Onstad) is planning a celebration at the May 1 Professional Development Day. Retirees will be invited and a time for sharing will be planned.
• Shirley and Rosi are compiling a written history. If you have any photos or information, please send them to Rosi and Shirley.
• Rosi is reviewing old scrapbooks and developing a timeline.
Minnesota Representative at PILD (April 27-29, Washington D.C.):
• Jo Musich will represent Minnesota. Becky reviewed the finances to support the trip. $500 is available from Dean Durgan for financial support. Becky asked if monies allocated for the Pres-Elect to attend JCEP which were not utilized, to be for financial support. M/S/P (Carol Ann and Rose): $500 from NEAFCS-MN Affiliate be allocated to support Jo Musich’s attendance at PILD. The money will come from the budgeted $650 for the President-Elect to attend JCEP. Becky will share the information with Jo.
Dues Payment Policy:
• The Board discussed membership, committee involvement and dues payment. Becky will review the discussion with the Membership Committee and ask them to follow-up.
IV. Thoughts from Karen Shirer, Associate Director-Family Development and Campus Liaison to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate:
• Family Development Conference – March 23-25. Theme = How do we respond to the economic crisis? This is a staff inservice that will provide background information; suggestions for modifying our education to meet the needs of crisis/change; evaluation; strategic prioritizing; how to be flexible during this crisis; program area meetings; and “a little bit of fun”.
• Strategic Priorities: Sharing at the March conference with priorities for the next 1-2 years.
• Performance Appraisals in the Future: Align performance process with promotion criteria. No raises for this year – questionable about raises for next year.
• Budget: The federal stimulus monies will have a positive impact on the state budget. For now, Karen doesn’t know the budget for next year but the administrative council is encouraged to look at 5-8% scenarios which will contribute to some “pain” with some changes we will like and some we won’t like.
• Question from Board to Karen: How do we support each other during this budget crisis? Karen is reading a book (“Fear and other Unintended Requests”. There are opportunities that can come about with change. This is a time to look for positives (i.e. Dean Durgan is very good at managing finances).
• Question from Board to Karen: How do we position ourselves with our partners? Look at our current collaborations and partnerships and look for new or creative partnering. The current Farm Bill includes 40% going for agriculture programs and 60% going for Food Stamp program which may yield more educational programming opportunities for Extension.
• Karen was encouraged to add information to the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate blog.
• She encouraged the planning committee for the May 1 Professional Development to contact her for help and support.
V. Future Board Meeting Dates
• May 12, 2009 – Conference Call
• August 17, 2009 – Face-to-face
• NEAFCS Annual Conference (Alabama) – September 15-19, 2009
• MN Annual Meeting – ?October 12-13, 2009?
VI. Adjourn: 10:35 p.m.


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