NEAFCS 2009 JCEP Affiliate Regional Roundtable Discussions

NEAFCS 2009 JCEP Regional Meetings Roundtable Discussions
(merged list from all four regions)
1. What are staffing budget issues for your state?
• Positions are not being filled
• Current staff is picking up empty positions ie covering more than one county/discipline
• Strong possibility of position cuts (FCS)
• State has a senior staff with a hiring freeze – 5% budget reduction
• Not tenured
• 5% reduction for 2009
• Regional staffing pattern
• It’s unknown what would happen with many positions
• Hiring freeze; $1 million increase last year; College had $2 million cut now probably more in July
• Major cuts to majority of Extension programs
• Hiring freeze – pending $1 million cut from Extension funding; not filling empty positions
• Some states need FCS educators
• State with a hiring “frost”  positions are not advertised outside the Extension System.
• 3% cut in ’09 – 11-13% in 2010
• Wyoming is advertising – no one is applying – wage increases!!! (no FCS applicants)
• Can’t fill positions for ag – Pay for Master’s Degree is an issue
• 2009 being careful – all travel and conf cancelled – 2010 is worry
• FCS program director position open apps being requested
• Look at centralizations rural communities would be program assistant (Bachelor’s with faculty in main sites
• Listing FCS as ½ time with County Director – little time for programming
• Loss of funding elimination of teams, staff asked to raise travel funds via charging for programs
• Extension not recognized at upper administration level
• Budget cuts – unknown at this point. Currently keeping open positions open. District Directors are asking Extension faculty contemplating retirement within the next 3-4 years to come forward
• Positions not always being filled with qualified, knowledgeable applicants
• Furloughs for university faculty and staff –MD
• 2-3 year reserve – OK
• Hiring freeze – AL,MD, PA, MS, KY, VA
• State rescissions – PA, NJ
• Line items for specialists – KY
• Freeze on out of state travel – MS
• Cost recovery – PA
• About 50% cut in Extension staff statewide – moving to specialization and regional work – LA
• Cornell – 10% cut, 5% 2009 & 5% in 2010- NY. County staff varies widely.
• Staff reduction through attrition – ME Early outs
Action steps: State/faculty asked to re-evaluate impacts and outcomes for clientele. Demonstrating to elected officials the value of Extension; making them more aware. Visiting with the elected officials all the time and not just in times of budget crisis
2. How does your state use technology for extension programming, etc)
• Webex
• Meetings through eLive (e.g. Blackboard)
• Interactive videos & training
• Videoconferences
• Adobe connect – Breexe and Skype – Phone Conference
• Polycom
• Programs available on DVD/CD
• Doodle, Moodle
• Meeting Place
• Email to families
• eBlast
• Internet – video streaming, ppts online
• Audio – Powerpoint plus phone
• Office web cams
• Electronic newsletter
• Gmail/googledoc google chat
• e-extension
• Add 4-H Newsletter to County Website
• Put county fairbook in sections on the county website – let families print off what they needs
• Statewide blogs
• Centra
• Video conferencing (Poly Com)
• Blogs
• Wimba, Centra, Elluminate, Adobe Connect
• Pod casting
• Face book
• Email newsletters
• Association websites
• Streaming video
• Conference calls
• Webcam, laptops
• YOU tube
• Wiki, skype, google tools
• eXtension
• using financial calculators
• PowerPay (UT)
• Blackboard
• TV Interact television
• Articulate
• CD/DVD for Better Kid Care
• Smart Boaard
• Doodle
• Some states/counties disadvantaged — don’t have tech resources
Summary: Everyone is using some type of technology in the offices, but clientele maynot have it.
3. Give suggestions for resolving budget issues for NEAFCS sustainability
• Reduce management company costs
• Virtual conference – alternate years
• Give awards with out cash awards
• Hold annual conference at university or less expensive
• Skype – Breeze for committee and board meetings
• Re-evaluate the services / budget we purchase and prioritize
• Sponsors for (national) meetings/programs – task force committees?
• Limiting payment of Past Presidents for Annual Conference
• Look at JCEP Regional Meeting Expenses
• Look at economical places to meet
• 1 JCEP meeting location in center of US
• Payless
• Meet alternate years
• Use technology
• Team with AAFCS and NEFCS for national conferences
• Continue with the electronic means of communication
• CD’s instead of paper, or web based instead of CD’s
• b.) Look for non-traditional sponsors, i.e. National Restaurant Association
• c.) Capture lifetime members
• d.) Fee-based web training – certificates. Perhaps through National mtg./conf.
• e.) Review travel of national officers
• where? How long? Is it necessary to stay the whole time?
• Meeting by way of technology/distance (polycom)
• Do they all have to go to everything?
• f.) Piggyback Association meetings ( ESP/NEAFCS/AAFCS, SNE)
• g.) need to retain members
• be aware raising fees –membership
Summary: Need to have state presidents make members more aware of National operations as some of the items mentioned we have already implemented.
4. How can NEAFCS recruit and maintain membership to continue as a viable organization?
• Professional development opportunities
• Scholarship $$ for professional development
• Student memberships
• New faculty orientation
• Incentives for new members (1st year dues)
• Award promotion
• Adaptation to today’s potential member needs
• Technology to make it easier to participate
• List serv among members to enhance familiarity and comfort with other members
• Try NOT to raise dues
• Keynote concurrent sessions must reflect divers FCS program subject matter tracks
• Strongly encourage new staff to join – assign an NEAFCS mentor
• Meaningful involvement for new members
• Celebrate service of all members
• State administration pay for 1st national meeting
• Benefits for promotion
• Learn about new programs in other sates
• Recruit more men
• Benefits – educational, fun
• Mentoring
• Non-traditional meetings – i.e. web based
• Combine with 4-H for meetings & education
• Lifetime members – retirees
• Strengthen State Association/pre-graduate & professional
• Scholarships for 1st timers to National Meetings
• Add membership categories to allow a wider array of membership (EFNEP, FNP)
• Revisit/revitalize NEAFCS/AAFCS connection
• Waive state dues for 1st year members
• Create a website of information for ASSOC. (i.e. What is NEAFCS?)
• Include state leaders in communications
• “How does it benefit me?”
Summary: Items in 4 & 5 might offer some opportunities for Professional Development. Items in 5 show many states working on similar topics so those states might consider a multi-state program/technology meeting using the NEAFCS funding opportunity.

5. Name some successful programs/projects in your state that could lead to professional development in NEAFCS
• Book/curriculum
• Small steps to Health and Wellness
• NEFS SSFPP Curriculum Trainings
• Horizons
• All 4 kids: Healthy, Happy, Active, Fit (obesity prevention)
• Youth Philanthropy
• “Kansas Saves” ) Part of America Saves) – Money Matters
• Sustainable Living/Living Greener in developmental stages
o Preconference – Are You Green?
• Grow Local/Buy Local
• On-line lessons and discussion boards –
• Developmetn of DVD’s and other media
• Breeze training on “ How to Prepare On Awards Application”
• Adapting teaching methods to distance education
• Intergenerational programming (Land Transfer)
• Energy Conservation
• Grow and Preserve Your Own Food from Garden to Table
• Indoor Air Quality (Radon, Mold)
• Worksite wellness
• Food Biotechnology
• Living Healthy – nutritional
• How to we partner better external and other FCS related orgs, business
• Balancing Work & Family; Over scheduling Kids- NH
• Financial Management – TX
• Managing in Tough Times – FL
• Saving Money for Emergencies –NH
• Dining with Diabetes – VT, WV
• Financial Management – VT
• Nutrition works –web based- NY
Childhood Obesity – An ecological Approach (Cont. Ed. Credits)
• Walk Georgia – GA
• Eat Smart, Move More; Families ESMM; Weigh Less; Cook Smart; Energize (adolescent diabetes prevention) – NC
• Water program – GA
• Parenting Apart; High School Financial Program; Home Buyer Education; Cooking for a Lifetime; Energy Conservation – TN
• Thriving in Challenging Times – Al
• Effective meeting leadership( Parliamentary procedure & boar management) – OK
• Weight loss series – KY
• Financial Smart Starts for Newlyweds – AR
• Second Sunday (closed road for physical activity – 1st year 70 counties participated ) – KY
• Mississippi in Motion – MS
• Active for Life – WV
• Water exercise, tai chi, self help through arthritis foundation – MS, AR
• Med-wise – AR
• Taking Charge of Your Health & Safety for Seniors – WV
• Reality store & poverty Simulation – MS, KY, VA
• Healthy, Wealthy, Wise – MS
• Get Real here is the Deal – AR


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