NEAFCS Custom Resource Book Proposal Idea

Idea presented to generate revenue:
Proposal/Presentation: Custom Cookbook
The National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences
Living Well: More than a Cookbook
Brief general information: Purpose and Scope
• To develop a marketable cookbook to promote the NEAFCS and provide its state affiliates with a product that can raise funds for their various projects.
• Create an excellent branding opportunity for NEAFCS—cookbooks provide permanent advertising that lasts for generations.
• Create a product that enhances and implements the mission of NEAFCS, educates and recognizes Extension professionals who improve the quality of life for individuals , families and communities.
• To market the FCS profession.
• To market the Cooperative Extension Service and Extension Service To serve as a reference book for families and young professionals
• To provide a revenue source for NEAFCS
• To provide a revenue source for state affiliates
• Target audience: NEAFCS membership, other non-profits, cookbook collectors, armchair cooks, families, and young professionals.
Manuscript Development:
• NEAFCS will develop a team that will work on the development of the cookbook.
• Recipes would be collected using FRP’s web-based recipe collection site.
Promotion and Marketing
Recommended Launch Date
• A launch scheduled for September 2009 to coincide with the Annual Session in Birmingham, AL.
• Presentation to Program leaders, Past Presidents, and Retirees
• Presentation to Membership
• Availability of pre-orders for delivery by November 15, 2009
Profit Projections:
25,000 print run
$25.00 Retail price
Example: 20.00 (state affiliate cost) – (cost) = 10.43 profit
10.43 x 10 books = 104.30 (gross profit per case)
10.00 per case (1.00 per book) shipping cost
94.30 (per case sold) returned to NEAFCS quarterly
At the print quantity of 25,000, NEAFCS would make approximately 9.43/book and the state affiliates would make $5/book ($50/case) based on the suggested retail price of $25.00
This is only a proposed revenue generation idea so far.
What do you think of the proposal? (There are additional details included in the formal proposal.)
Please share your thoughts! Thank you!


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