Executive Board Minutes – May, 2009

Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday – May 12, 2009
Conference Call
I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Colleen Gengler (Past President); Lori Hendrickson (North Rep & Professional Development Committee Rep); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary).
II. Call meeting to order: President Becky called the meeting to order at 9:34 a.m.
III. Business:
Professional Development Day/75th Anniversary Celebration Highlights (May 1 – Student Center, U of MN Campus – St. Paul):
• The Board shared many positive comments about the Day and the member participation.
• Becky formally “thanked” the Professional Development and the 75th Anniversary Committees for their work and involvement of the Day.
• Lori Hendrickson, representing the Professional Development Committee, indicated that preliminary responses from the recent survey sent to participants were positive.
PILD (Public Issues and Leadership Development Conference) Representation:
• Jo Musich represented NEAFCS-MN Affiliate at the April 27-29 PILD conference in Washington D. C. Becky reported that Jo learned a lot from her experience and has plans to share information via the Blog to the membership.
Committee updates: President-Elect Suzanne indicated that Committee chairs/members are uncertain about their responsibilities and need clearer guidelines. She volunteered to glean information from past work and the NEAFCS Committee Guidelines to develop clearer committee guidelines. This information will be available through the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Operating Procedures.
Professional Development:
• Committee will develop a report about the recent Professional Development Day (May 1) after compiling the survey results.
Awards/Early Career Award:
• Committee recently shared MN award results with the membership and is awaiting Regional and National results. The Board acknowledged the MN award-winners and extended “Congratulations”.
• When reviewing award applications, Suzanne reported that the committee had some challenges: Committee did not have enough criteria to make a decision when reviewing the DSA applications; and needed more clarification about the number of times individuals can receive state and national awards. The Committee will work with the NEAFCS Award Committee for clearer criteria and guidelines.
• Current membership = 33 paid members.
Public Policy/Public Relations:
• Kay, Committee Chair, shared that Toni Smith is preparing information for the membership on effective suggestions for sharing program information with state/national legislators.
NEAFCS Living Well Reference Book:
• Becky shared that the NEAFCS Board voted to proceed with the Reference Book process to generate revenue. From the book sales, money will be returned to NEAFCS and a portion will also be available to the states. The NEAFCS Committee shared an example: If books are sold at $25/book, $7.50 will be available to NEAFCS and $5.00 will be available to the state. At this time, NEAFCS is loosely recommending that each member sell 4-5 books.
• Each member is encouraged to contribute recipes or reference information by May 25. Please check recent NEAFCS correspondence.
• Each state is encouraged to provide a contribution (recipes and/or information) by May 29. The Executive Board recommended that the Minnesota contribute the Wild Rice information sheet and recipe information that was developed for the Wild Rice Revenue Generation Project 2006-2007. Kay and Becky will review the information before sending off to NEAFCS.
• Project Contacts: Regional = Amy Peterson (Regional Director). Minnesota = Suzanne. The goal of NEAFCS, the Regional Director and state contact is to make the project easy and streamlined.
President-Elect Nominees:
• Colleen asked for potential president-elect names for the 2009-10 slate of officers. She will make personal contacts before September.
IV. Future Board Meeting Dates
• August 17, 2009 – Face-to-face Executive Board Meeting (Agenda items: Endowment CD decisions; 2009-10 slate of officers; Annual Meeting plans; Committee Updates; etc.)
• NEAFCS Annual Conference (Alabama) – September 15-19, 2009. Presentations by: Rosi & Becky = DollarWorks; Becky & Lori = Multi-Generational Financial Issues; Suzanne = Produce Survey Results. Attendees: Becky, Suzanne, Rosi, Lori, Debbi, Lou Ann
• MN Annual Meeting – October 12-13, 2009? Dean Durgan and Associate Directors will make a decision about the Fall Professional Development after the state Legislature ends.
V. Adjourn: 10:40 a.m.


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