Executive Board Minutes – August, 2009


Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Monday – August 17, 2009
(10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.)
278 McNeal Hall – U of MN, St. Paul
I. Present: Becky Hagen-Jokela (President); Suzanne Driessen (President-Elect): Colleen Gengler (Past President); Kay Lovett (South Rep & Public Policy/Relations Chair); Lori Hendrickson (North Rep & Professional Development Committee Rep); Rose Allen (Metro Rep & Web Author); Carol Ann Burtness (Secretary). Available for report: Karen Shirer (NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Liaison).
II. Thoughts from Karen Shirer, Associate Director-Family Development & Campus Liaison to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate:
• Update on Family Development contracts and grants:
o Funding from Board on Aging with focus on care giving to develop a system of trainers and funding to manage program.
o MDA Specialty Crop Grant for Health & Nutrition to work with school foodservice to bring more fruits and vegetables into schools and extend “Farm-to-School” funding.
o Future = more funding via grants. Resources available to help with grant-writing includes Kay Anderson. Extension is in the process of hiring a grants person but Karen is uncertain about his/her role.
• Katherine Waters was recently hired as the new Food Science Program Leader for with 20% of her time as liaison between EFANS and FD
• FD is providing support to educators who are going through the academic promotion process
• Collaboration with Dept of Health & Human Services to focus on responding to the financial crisis. Emphasis: how do we (together) work more effectively with financially stressed people especially working with WorkForce Centers. A summit is planned for November 5, 2009 with opportunities for Extension Educators from many program areas to meet together with Department of Health & Human Services.
• 2011 will include major budget issues for Extension. Extension educators need to be ready to respond and ready to respond to “change”.
• Karen will not attend NEAFCS Annual Conference, Birmingham due to scheduling conflicts.
• 2010 Family Development Conference in Nisswa at the end of March, 2010.
• Extension wordmark use will be “tightened up”. Family Development will focus wordmark changes on new marketing pieces and publication revisions to be in compliance with U of MN Regents recommendations.
• Executive Board shared NEAFCS “Living Well Resources Book” information with Karen who suggested the Board connect with Neil Anderson for information on selling within the state. Minnesota submitted recipe, background and cultural information about wild rice. Karen suggested the membership discuss the option of selling the book as a fund-raiser for NEAFCS-MN Affiliate.
III. Secretary’s Report: Secretary Carol Ann distributed the minutes from the recent Board meeting that were also submitted on the blog that included an addition from Cindy, Treasurer.
IV. Operating Business:
Finance Report: In Cindy’s absence, Becky shared the current account balances and reminded Board of the recent transfer of CD balance to Savings account. Total Assets (Checking = $7,851.21 + Savings = $10,034.53) = $17,885.74 – Total Liabilities ($0) = Net Worth ($17,885.74). Banking Summary (8/13/2009): Total Income from dues, interest, registrations ($1083.87) – Total Expenses from awards, board meetings, national dues, PILD conference, Professional Development, Special Committees ($3,506.88) = Total Checking ($-2,423.01). The NEAFCS-MN Affiliate is doing okay as of mid-August.
Committee Updates: President-Elect Suzanne will be asking for annual reports from each of the committees and a list of operating guidelines for future work. The Board recommends that National Meeting attendees attend NEAFCS Committee meetings to receive up-to-date guidelines, changes and recommendations to pass along to MN Affiliate Committees.
Awards and Recognition/Membership: Suzanne shared Annual Report highlights and concerns from Committee.
Question from Committee: Can the same person or team be a MN winner more than once? Since the application can continue to go forward to national until the applications wins, what is MN’s policy? M/S/P (Suzanne and Lori): Executive Board approves the Awards Committee’s recommendations [Applicants would need to apply each year; applicants can win the same category more than once provided they meet the eligibility and criteria requirements; applicant would only receive the award statue once; certificate/s would be given for applicants winning the same category (with the same program) more than once.]
Committee developed judging criteria for CEA and DSA Awards.
Professional Development: No report available.
Public Policy/Public Relations: Committee Chair Kay provided a report.
Toni Smith is developing a piece to help members tell our story to stakeholders.
Committee members are uncertain about committee expectations and work. Board recommended Committee review recent NEAFCS survey results when available for potential direction. Kay is hoping to transition out of Chair role.
V. Old Business:
CD Discussion: Board reviewed recent transition of money from CD (National Meeting Tri-State Funds) to Savings Account. Board will monitor.
PILD Report: Jo Musich attended 2009 PILD and is currently developing a report with pictures and will post on the blog.
VI. New Business:
NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting Plans:
• Board reviewed plans for Extension Fall Conference (October 5, 6, 7) and NEAFCS/MAEE meetings at Crowne Plaza Hotel, St. Paul.
o Monday, October 5 = MAEE Meeting (6-7:30 p.m.)
o Tuesday, October 6 = Awards banquet (6:30-9:00 p.m. in Windows-on-the-River on the top floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel). Karen Shirer will be NEAFCS-MN Affiliate guest.
o Wednesday, October 7 = Section Meeting (7:30-9:00 a.m.). Breakfast will be available to meeting participants. Lori and Becky will brainstorm on ways to motivate members to attend meeting!
• Colleen shared current nomination for President-Election (Mary Caskey) and will also ask for nominations from the floor.
• Area Reps:
o North Area: Lori completed 1 year and Jennifer is alternate
o Metro Area: Rose completed 2 years and no alternate. Area will identify new rep at Annual Meeting.
o South Area: Kay completed 1 year and Kelly is alternate.
• Board reviewed current budget to begin developing the 2009-2010 budget. Becky, Cindy, Colleen and Suzanne will develop budget.
o Board suggested that Budget Committee review potential membership which may help determine future income.
o Board discussed potential income generation possibilities (e.g. sell NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book to members and lifetime members and others).
• Annual Report will be developed by Becky and Suzanne and will include a month-by-month review.
• Annual Business agenda items to come before total membership:
o Review NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book, identify interest, ask for committee members and coordinator, discuss amount of time and effort from MN Affiliate
o Presentation of awards
o Elections
o Committee Reports/Highlights and Committee sign-up
NEAFCS 2009 Annual Conference:
• September 14-18 at Birmingham, Alabama. Attendees: Becky, Suzanne, Carol Ann, Debbie, Kathy B., Kathy O., Lou Ann, Rosi.
• Voting delegates: Becky and Carol Ann will contact membership about voting issues for feedback.
• State Night-Out Coordinator: Becky will follow-up with attendees
• Silent Auction item ideas were discussed. Becky will contact membership (current and lifetime) for ideas.
• NEAFCS Living Well Resource Book update:
o MN submitted Wild Rice Soup, history and cultural information about American Indian culture and MN Affiliate history.
o Board recommends MN have a Resource Book Coordinator to keep track of/coordinate sales. Becky and Lori will follow up with Neal Anderson and develop ideas for the coordinator role. Becky will follow-up with the NEAFCS Resource Book Committee Chair about resale questions.
Extension 100-Year Celebration: Lori will represent NEAFCS-MN Affiliate at the September 3 Celebration for every U of MN group/membership.
Blog use: Kim suggested we provide an opportunity for membership updates (i.e. information, congratulations, condolences, celebrations, etc.). Board recommends we add this topic to Annual Meeting agenda and discuss blog use.
By-Laws: The 2009-2010 Executive Board will review NEAFCS-MN Affiliate By-Laws for updates or revisions.
VII. Future Board Meeting Dates:
• NEAFCS Annual Conference: Birmingham, AL – 9/15-9/19
• U of MN Extension Fall Conference and NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting: St. Paul – 10/5-7
VIII. Adjourn – 2:00 p.m.
Respectfully recorded,
Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary


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