2009 NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Annual Meeting Minutes

Following are the minutes from the 2009 Annual Meeting. For easier viewing, I encourage you to view the downloaded version. FYI: The amended budget is attached to the downloaded version of the minutes.
— Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary
National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences – Minnesota Affiliate
Annual Meeting Agenda
October 7, 2009, 7:30-9:00 a.m.,
Crowne Plaza Hotel-St. Paul Riverfront
Call to Order: Becky Hagen Jokela, President called the meeting to order at 7:40 a.m.
Carol Ann Burtness; Suzanne Driessen; Becky Hagen Joekela; Kim Asche; Deb Botzek-Linn; Cindy M. Petersen; Lou Ann Jopp; Kelly Kunkel; Kathleen Olson; Kathleen Lovett; Kathy Brandt; Mary Caskey; Mary Schroeder; Colleen Gengler; Shirley Anderson-Porisch; Phyllis A. Onstad; Antonio Alba Meraz; Jill May; Sara VanOffelen; Jan Gilman; Sara Croymans; Ellie McCann; Lori Hendrickson; Jo Musich; Rosemary Heins; Minnell Tralle; Jennifer Garbow; Elena Yepiz; Karen Shierer
Appointments: Becky appointed the following individuals to assist:
Annual Meeting Minutes Reviewers – Sara Croymans and Lori Hendrickson
Timekeeper – Deb Botzek-Linn
Parliamentarian – Shirley Anderson-Porisch
Approval of agenda: No additions to agenda.
Welcome and introductions of guests/new members (by area reps)
North – Lori Hendrickson (no new members)
South – Kay Lovett (no new members)
Metro – Rose Allen (no new members)
Lou Ann Jopp introduced Katherine Waters, Food Science Program Leader.
Member announcements and celebrations
Rosi Heins – Husband’s 1-year successful transplant anniversary
Sara Croymans – Daughter’s Basic Training
Minnell Tralle – Son’s wedding
Mary Caskey – Family wedding, Master’s of Education degree
Jo Musich – PILD attendance
Kathy Brandt – Master’s of Education degree
Kim Asche – Empty nest!
Minutes of 2008 NEAFCS Annual Meeting: Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary reviewed highlights of the 2008 Annual Meeting minutes and referred members to membership blog where minutes are posted.
Annual Report:
Becky Hagen Jokela shared highlights of the year including the 75th Anniversary celebration; NEAFCS Annual Conference in Birmingham, Alabama; May, 2009 Professional Day; review of Board meetings; Living Well Resource Book; and Awards. She referred members to the Annual Report.
Committee Reports – Suzanne Driessen, President-Elect asked for highlights from committee reports which are recorded in the Annual Report:
– Awards & Recognition/Membership by Mary Caskey
– Professional Development by Lori Hendrickson
– Public Policy/Public Relations by Kay Lovett. Jo Musich shared highlights from her 2009 PILD experience.
– 75th Anniversary/MN History/Scrapbook by Sara Croymans and reminded members to send photos and information for future scrapbooks.
– M/S/P (Cindy Petersen/Lou Ann Jopp): Accept NEAFCS-MN Affiliate 2009 Committee reports.
Committee sign-up: Suzanne Driessen, President-Elect circulated a committee sign-up sheet.
Administrative Liaison Comments: Karen Shirer, Extension Center for Family Development thanked all the members for their support during the past year and encouraged more communication in 2010.
Old Business:
President Becky Hagen Jokela and Treasurer Cindy Petersen reviewed changes made with the funds from the 2007 Tri-State Funds. Due to the economic climate, the Executive Board recommended “holding and monitoring” the funds. On August 4, 2009, $10,034.53 was transferred out of the CD into a Money Market Savings Account that compounds monthly and has a potential for rate changes which creates more flexibility for the funds. If there is future interest in moving the money into a quasi-endowment, the Executive Board will make the move.
New Business:
Election of Officers 2009-2010
– Becky Hagen Jokela, Past President reviewed that Suzanne Driessen will move to position of President
– Mary Caskey was nominated as President-Elect. M/S/P (Sara Croymans/Deb Botzek-Linn): Nominations cease and a unanimous ballot be cast for Mary Caskey for President-Elect.
– Carol Ann Burtness will fulfill the second year of her term as Secretary.
Areas Caucus: President Becky Hagen Jokela reminded members that Area Reps serve a 2-year term with no term limits. She encouraged areas to caucus and elect/select reps.
– North: Rep=Lori Hendrickson; Alternate=Jennifer Grabow
– Metro: Rep=Elena Yepiz; Alternate=Rosi Heins
– South: Rep=Kay Lovett; Alternate=Kathy Brandt
Financial Report/Proposed 2009-2010 Budget: President, Becky Hagen Jokela and Treasurer, Cindy Petersen reviewed the proposed budget. M/S/P (Shirley Anderson-Porish/Lou Ann Jopp): Accept the proposed budget with an added “Miscellaneous” line item which by doing so will create a zero balance. [See proposed budget attached to the downloaded minutes]
NEAFCS Annual Meeting Report:
– President Becky Hagen Jokela and Carol Ann Burtness were Minnesota’s Voting Delegates at the 2009 NEAFCS Annual Meeting. They and Kathy Olson (NEAFCS Secretary and Chair of By-Laws Committee) shared the discussion and vote on absentee ballots for NEAFCS Annual meetings.
– Deb Botzek-Linn shared information from a Nutrition-related session she attended.
– President Becky Hagen Jokela shared Minnesota’s involvement in the National Meeting including: Kathy Olson, Secretary; Shirley Anderson-Porish – NEAFCS By-Laws Committee member; and presentations conducted by Suzanne Driessen, Rosi Heins and Becky Hagen Jokela.
– Rosi Heins reported that Minnesota updated the history report of our Minnesota Affiliate and submitted a copy to NEAFCS. A copy of the submitted report is in the Annual Report.
Other Business:
Living Well Resource Book: Suzanne Driessen reviewed information about the Living Well, More than a Cookbook project initiated by NEAFCS. She shared information from the NEAFCS Committee. Jo Musich and Suzanne Driessen contributed to the book and NEAFCS-MN Affiliate submitted information about wild rice and a Wild Rice Soup recipe. M/S/P (Colleen Gengler/Kathy Brandt): Survey members to indicate interest in purchasing books individually or by office or via re-sale. By a show-of-hands, 15 members indicated interest in making individual purchases and 10 members indicated interest in re-sale. The ad-hoc committee (Rosi Heins and Lou Ann Jopp) will coordinate sales, distribution and field questions. Due to the upcoming October 15 early-order deadline, a sign-up sheet was distributed to members to indicate interest in purchases. M/S/P (Jan Gilman/Kay Lovett): The cost of re-sale books will be @ $25/book.
Awards Presentation: Mary Caskey, Awards Committee Chair, encouraged awards participation. She shared that selection and judging for awards is conducted by selected Regional Directors, retirees and past winners. Awards Committee members (Mary Caskey, Elena Yepiz, Cindy Petersen and Ellie McCann) presented awards to:
National Award Recipients
– Continued Excellence Award – Carol Ann Burtness
– Distinguished Service Award – Kimberly Asche
Central Region Award Recipients
– Communications Written Press Release – 3rd Central Region: “Avoid the Instant Tax Loan” by Shirley Anderson-Porisch
– Communications: Educational Technology – 3rd Central Region: “Understanding Underserved Audiences: Implications for Improving Programs for African American, Caucasian, Latino and Somali Audiences.” Team Members: Jill May, Sara Van Offlen, Shelley Sherman, Felisha Rhodes
State Winners
– Extension Educator of the Year – Shirley Anderson-Porisch
– Program Excellence through Research – “FSNE Program Evaluation” Team Members: Kathleen Lovett, Shelley Sherman, Trina Barno, Christa Treichel
– Communications: Newsletters – “School Wellness” by Sara Van Offlen
– Communications: Educational Publication – “Healthy & Fit on the Go Travel Kit.” Team Members: Jill May, Kelly Kunkel, Betsy Johnson, Trina Barno
– Food Safety – “Cooking Safely for a Crowd.” Team Members: Lou Ann Jopp, Deb Botzek-Linn, Carol Ann Burtness
President Becky Hagen Jokela reviewed upcoming meetings and dates:
– MEAFCS winter board meeting (early December, 2009)
– MAEE Board retreat (Nov. 4 & 5, Camp Koinonia, Annandale)
– JCEP (February 2-4, 2010, Nashville, Tennessee)
– PILD (April 26-28, 2010, Arlington, Virginia)
– NEAFCS Annual Session (September 20 – 24, 2010, Portland, Maine)
– NEAFCS Annual Session (September 26-30 , 2011, Albuquerque, New Mexico)
– President Becky Hagen Jokela presented “thank you” gifts to the Executive Board
– President-Elect Suzanne Driessen presented outgoing President Becky Hagen Jokela with a gift.
– Doorprizes for participation were presented.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary


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