Affiliate 2009 Annual Report

Each year, affiliate’s complete and send a report to our Regional Director and the NEAFCS National Office. Thanks to members who provided feedback to the report.
Here are the highlights from the report:
Professional development opportunity, “Building Resilient Families in the Midst of Diversity,” Dr. Karen Shirer, Associate Dean Extension Center for Family Development, Minnesota Affiliate’s administrative liaison, shared her thoughts on Family Development: Past/Present/Future. Diversity Specialist, Juan Moreno, shared his perspective on diversity. Affiliate members, Suzanne Driessen, Phyllis Onstad and Colleen Gengler shared information from trips to Brazil and Mexico. Program concluded with a panel discussion addressing individual and family needs and concerns from diverse perspectives.
To celebrate the NEAFCS 75th Anniversary the Minnesota Affiliate did the following:
Written History Updated – History of Affiliate was updated from the previous document written in 1984 at the mark of the 50th Anniversary. The updated report was shared with membership and a copy was submitted to National.
NEAFCS-MN 75th Anniversary Celebration Lunch & Member Appreciation – Current members and retirees brought items representing our history. Items were posted on a large timeline representing the 81 years of the state affiliate.
Member Resources:
Membership maintained with 32 active members; including 4 new members; and 2 members who rejoined.
28/32 members (88%) were actively involved on the board or a committee
15 life members
National involvement:
Kathleen Olson, Secretary
Shirley Anderson-Porisch, National By-laws Committee
Eight attended Annual Session, Birmingham, Alabama
Three member conducted presentations
Continued the mentoring program for new members by utilizing the ‘welcome packet’ which includes a current membership list, By-Laws & Policies, membership encouragement piece, NEAFCS brochure, and information on websites, awards and affiliate’s informal customs. Mentors volunteer or are assigned to each new member.
Enhanced connections with life members and retirees
Utilized as award application judges
Listserv, Blog Use, and Board Meetings – Communicate with members through the use of our listserv, blog and meeting minutes. Blog:
Awards & Recognition:
13 award applications for 2009.
Five members received national and/or regional awards.
Judging sheets for the Distinguished Service Award and Continued Excellence Award were created.
Public Affairs:
Developed a fact sheet on Extension’s Family Development’s Response to the Global Financial Crisis and shared with legislators at our nation’s capitol at PILD.
Other Special Projects
It is interesting to note that the Minnesota Affiliate is actually older than the national association. NEAFCS was established in 1934. The Minnesota Affiliate began organizing in December of 1928 and held its first meeting where officers were elected in March 1929. In 2009, the year of NEAFCS’ 75th Anniversary, the Minnesota Affiliate is celebrating its 81st Anniversary!
Concerns from your State:
Out-of-state travel is limited which is affecting opportunities to attend JCEP, PILD and annual session.
The state of CES in our state:
Three organizational goals: recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff; making the U more accessible with technology; and ensuring programs have clear outcomes and impacts.
Celebrated Extension’s Centennial-100th-Anniversary.
Continue to carefully manage our budgets through these challenging economic times. Programs and employees are priorities.


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