December, 2009 Executive Board Summary

Following is a summary of the December 10, 2009 Executive Board Meeting.  To view the entire minutes, please see the attached minutes (under “Minutes” section).

— Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary


National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences – MN Affiliate

 Board Meeting Executive Summary

(Refer to complete minutes for more details)

Thursday – December 10, 2009 Via UM-Connect

·         Finances:

o   Reviewed current status of accounts, recent income and projected budget expenditures. 

o   Tri-State Funds: Matt Musel, U of MN Foundation reviewed options.  Motion made and passed: “transfer money out of the Money Market Savings Account (~$10,034.53) to the University of Minnesota Quasi-Endowment Fund.”  A “Memorandum of Agreement” will be developed to specify what the Fund can be used for.

·         Board Orientation:

o   Board members/Committee Chairs will develop “Duties and Timelines”.

·         Committee Reports:

o   Awards/Membership Goals: Increase membership; Increase award applications; Enhance communications with life members/retirees; Request support for NEAFCS membership and professional development participation.

o   Professional Development: Preliminary planning for 2010 Professional Development Day.  Potential theme: “Aging and Technology”.

o   Public Policy/Public Relations: Promote 2010 PILD participation.

o   Ad hoc – Revenue Generation (“Living Well, More than a Cookbook”): Pre-sales orders = 106 books. MN Affiliate received $7/book = $770 to Treasure.  Motion made and passed to “Give one complimentary book to Karen Shirer and one complimentary book to Dean & Director, Bev Durgan.”

·         New Business:

o   Area Reps reports: Metro = no issues or concerns; South = Send pictures and any/all information (i.e. names and dates) to Kay Lovett for NEAFCS-MN Affiliate scrapbook; North = concerns about maintaining membership.

o   Board developed 2009-10 Goals

o   Central Region Director, Peg Ehlers is asking for input about the future.  Survey will be developed for membership.

o   Board members and committee chairs will communicate to membership via the Blog.

·         Administrative Liaison Discussion:

o   Reviewed expectations for Administrative Liaison role

o   Reviewed focus of March 2010 Family Development Conference.  Potential collaboration between NEAFCS-MN Event and Conference.

o   Encourage co-workers to proceed through academic promotion process.

o   Reviewed participation in out-of-state professional development opportunities and membership support.

·         Set future NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board meeting dates.


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