January 6, 2010 Executive Board Special Meeting (Summary)

Following is a summary of the January 6, 2010 Executive Board Special Meeting.  To view the entire minutes, see attached minutes (under “Minutes” section).

– Carol Ann Burtness, Secretary

 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences – MN Affiliate

Executive Board Special Meeting Minutes — January 6, 2010 (via UM Connect)

Financial Updates:

  • President Suzanne is developing a spreadsheet to track income/expenses but needs clarification on financial year closing dates
  • Motion made and passed: NEAFCS-MN Affiliate will reimburse mileage at $.25/mile
  • NEAFCS Executive Board will not financially support one state representative to the annual JECP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) conference.  President Suzanne and President-Elect Mary plan to attend the 2010 JCEP Conference in Nashville, TN in early February.  They shared their individual plans for “creative funding” to support their participation.  The 2009-10 NEAFCS-MN Affiliate budget includes $750 to support JCEP attendance.
  • Discussed progress on setting up the quasi-endowment fund through the U of MN Foundation.  A check ($10,034.53) will be transferred from the savings account to the U of MN Foundation.  To set up the quasi-endowment fund, Board members will develop a “Memorandum of Agreement” to include information about the organization, purpose of the gift and indicate how the funds will be used.


  • Executive Board and Public Policy Committee will identify a NEAFCS-MN Affiliate representative to attend 2010 PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development) Conference.
  • Each Executive Board member will submit information on the blog during 2010.
  • A membership survey will be sent to each Affiliate member to gain information about the benefits of membership and promotion ideas.  Survey results will be shared at the upcoming NEAFCS Regional meeting at JCEP. Survey results will also be shared with MN’s Membership Committee.
  • Executive Board members and Committee Chairs will develop a list of duties and responsibilities for future use.
  • President Suzanne is hoping to appoint a member to fulfill the position of “Parliamentarian”.

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