I can hear the birds! Spring is here!

This has been an unusual spring, but I don’t complain. It has been wonderful to watch this March, with the snow melting and sun shining. By now my front yard grass is turning green and the trees are having some leaves.
March 21th is very significant in our Mexican culture, we celebrate every year the spring equinox, is the end of winter and beginning of spring. I remember as a child watching the celebration of the Spring Equinox at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, near Mexico City. On this date hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the site, many dressed all in white. They climb to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun where they perform rituals and stretch out their arms to receive the special energy they believe is present on that day.
So, let’s welcome the sun and the good vibe. I imagine that the farmers are starting their planting by now and haven’t even gotten in the fields for the first time yet this year. I predict that there will be a very productive year as fruit and vegetables.
Last week I had the enormous opportunity to join a “Methods and Safety for Home Food Preservation” class with Debby Botzek-Linn and Lou Ann Jopp, part of the Extension Food Science team at the Extension Farmington Regional Office. It was refreshing to remained all the opportunities to enjoy the delicious food provided by fresh garden or farm, and with time and safety preserved techniques to prevent food-borne illness, people can enjoy them year-round. Check our UM Extension Food
Safety website to see all the classes.
Food preservation methods have become so popular among the trend of consuming fresh and organic. Canning was once the preferred way to preserve foods at home, however, freezing and dehydrating is an easy way to prolong the garden’s bounty.
Keep on mind always washing the fruits and vegetables to remove dirt or fertilizer residue, and enjoy every bite. We are now into the growing season time!


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