NEAFCS National Updates and Reminders, June 2010

NEAFCS National Updates and Reminders
June 2010
General Updates
Use the website Our website is a part of our dues, it is a member service and its updated often. Update your password and personal profile
Become a fans of NEAFCS Facebook
Need members to serve on national committees, you apply each year
Need members to be candidates for national officers of 2011 -2012
Annual Session
Many changes to meet member requests and because of being in Portland, Maine
Welcome/Friendship event/Opening session all combined with tours in two groups: Boat and Land tours, then meal program and entertainment together.
Be prepared to walk! Leave your heels at home.
You call to make hotel reservations – The Holiday Inn is full; call the Eastland.
Concurrent Sessions presenter numbers have been increased.
Pre-conferences: “Entrepreneurial Spirit,” and “Home Baking Association.”
Post Conference: “Strong Women, Healthy Hearts.”
Impact Statements
Check out impact statements showing the impact of audiences we educate.


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