Highlights from Minnesota Affiliate July 2010 Board Meeting

Here are the highlights from the July 19, 2010 Minnesota Affiliate Board Meeting
Minnesota NEAFCS has 32 active members, 1 first time member and 14 life members. 88% of our active members are involved on the board or on committees.
On the National Level — Kathy Olson, NEAFCS Secretary, who chairs the national NEAFCS By-laws Committee and is on the Electronic Communication Committee, Shirley Anderson-Porisch -By-Laws Committee, Colleen Gengler — Program Development Committee. Lou Ann Jopp –Living Well Book Committee.
We now have a MEAFCS Foundation Account under the University of MN Foundation.
Proposed National Dues Increase: There is a proposed National dues increase from $85 to $90 to $100 over the next three years. If passed we need to collect additional dues. Currently, we are at $100 and $70 goes to National. To increase our state dues because of a National dues increase we will need a vote of the membership at our annual meeting.
Additionally we may need to increase our state membership dues as our current carry over is being depleted each year. We will discuss further at our annual meeting.
Living Well Resource Books: Originally, 25,000 books were printed and nationally we have 18,000 left. We made $700 on the books MN has sold. The MN committee allocated $250 towards this year’s professional development.
By-Laws: The board thoroughly reviewed the Minnesota Affiliates’ bylaws and will submit suggested changes to the membership at least 10 days prior to the annual meeting.
View the Executive Summary Executive Summary July 2010 Board Mtg final.docx
and/or the full mintues MEAFCS Board Meeting Minutes July 2010.docx


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