NEAFCS-MN Award and Membership Goals for 2011

NEAFCS-MN Award and Membership Goals for 2011

Update membership list to reflect information needed for awards

·       To include DSA, CEA and Ed. of the Year, years of membership, and number of annual sessions attended


Increase membership


·       Investigate other job classifications/professional appointments for membership (PC’s, CNE’s, etc.)

·       Encourage eligible faculty/staff to become members

·       Continue to maintain and increase membership

·       Celebrate continued membership

Increase the Number and categories for state/regional/national award applications

·       Encourage eligible members to apply for Distinguished Service, Continued Excellence, Ed. of the Year, and Early Career awards

·       Encourage members to submit an application for Friend of NEAFCS-MN award

·       Utilize program areas to recruit, encourage, and assist individuals & teams to apply for appropriate, targeted awards including using program information for multiple award categories

Encourage attendance at annual NEAFCS sessions for members to ensure award eligibility for DSA, CEA and Ed. of the Year awards.

Request that Associate Deans and Program Leaders encourage and support NEAFCS membership and attendance at NEAFCS annual conference within leadership roles and/or program presentations. This will support educators’ alignment with and strengthen scholarship efforts.

Update task list and timeline of committee responsibilities.


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