Letter to NEAFCS-MN Members

Greetings NEAFCS-MN Members!

On behalf of NEAFCS-MN Executive Board, congratulations on becoming a
member and welcome to our organization!
It’s going to be a magical,
exciting year with Kathy Olson leading us as national president! I hope that
you’re making plans to attend the Annual Session in Lexington, KY, September
15-18, 2014. A committee has begun work on how we will generate monies to hold
a reception honoring Kathy during the Annual Session. If you’d like to get
involved, there’s still time to get on the committee!

It’s the goal of the Executive Board to provide
opportunities for growth for each of you. But we need your help. Please share
your ideas, get involved on a committee, and consider running for office! The
more involved you become, the more you’ll get out of our organization!

Many of our colleagues in Family Development, specifically
in Health and Nutrition, are working through very challenging times. We know
that difficult decisions have been made and many of our members have been
directly impacted. The Board wants to extend our support to everyone involved.
We want you to know that we care about you.

Most of you have heard by now but we want to acknowledge our
members, Rosi Heins and Cindy Petersen, who will retire at the end of January!
Congratulations and best wishes on the next chapter for both of you! We hope
you’ll become lifetime members and continue with us!!

Important dates are approaching:

  • MN Affiliate Award applications are due 1/15/14.
    For details refer to the message sent 12/11/13 from Sara Croymans on behalf of
    the Awards Committee.  Here’s contact
    info for awards applications:
  1. Hard copy of
    application materials must be postmarked by 1/15/14 &
    mailed to
    Rosi Heins,      U of MN Extension,
    Andover Regional Office, 
    Bunker Hills Activities Center, 550 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW, Suite L-1,
    Andover, MN 55304-4122
  2. Scanned/pdf copy of

    complete application packet must be emailed by the end of 1/15/14 to Rosi Heins

  • NEAFCS-MN Scholarship applications due date has been
    changed from 1/15/14 to 6/1/14. The Executive Board decided to move the date to
    later in the year to allow for further discussion of providing additional
    scholarships since we want to have a large delegation attending the Annual
    Session.  Currently two-$250 scholarships
    are available to members to be used for NEAFCS, JCEP and PILD professional
    development opportunities. The scholarship application including selection
    criteria is posted on the blog. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Remember, we want to hear from you about your ideas,
concerns and ways to improve our organization! Check the December Executive Board call minutes and Scholarship Application, both found on the right-hand sidebar.

Happy 2014!

Kathy Brandt

NEAFCS-MN President



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