Minnesota in National Impact Statements

Congratulations to Minnesota Affiliate members for their contributions to the 2014 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) program Impact Statements. Summary below taken from http://neafcs.memberclicks.net/impact-statements .

Childhood Obesity

School Nutrition Programs – USDA Standards

In Minnesota the Extension office is countering Childhood Obesity, and Food, Nutrition, and Health by offering trainings to school food service teams about health eating initiatives, and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. “Energizers” are also being offered in classrooms to pair physical activity with academic concepts.


Food and Nutrition

Training Volunteers and Professionals

Cooking with Whole Grains is geared at Minnesota child care providers. The training helps them learn how to identify and cook with whole grains, and then introduce whole grains to children through experiential learning.


Food Safety

Entrepreneurial Food Safety

A Food Preservation Basics Train-the-Trainer for Tribal Colleges and Communities workshop provided resources and local expertise to five Minnesota Native American communities.  Minnesota educators also presented entrepreneurs and market vendors with classes on pickle safety, jam/jelly making & marketing, and produce preservation tips aimed at customers.

“I was naive to the dangers that food posed and the many practices that could be used to make sure food was safe. The course was a wonderful learning experience and I would even recommend it to people who just cook in their kitchen.” – Minnesota SchoolFood Service Director 


Increased demand for food preservation education prompted Minnesota educators to create five-minute online mini-modules on 22 food preservation topics that reached 2,000 home preservers. Each module emphasized critical science-based information and steps to achieve a safe and tasty preserved product.


Healthy Home and Environment


Disaster Preparedness

Minnesota trained 261 frontline disaster professionals via a webinar on identifying resources and key strategies to assist disaster survivors in making informed financial recovery decisions.

Suzanne, Lori and Glenyce

NEAFCS, Minnesota Affiliate Public Policy Committee


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