Needed: Silent Auction Items

As Kathy Brandt mentioned at our Professional Development Day, we have been asked to contribute an item for the NEAFCS Silent Auction which will take place at the Annual Session on Wednesday, September 17th.  Many of you are very creative, so please consider contributing an item or two to make this year’s auction fun, entertaining, and once again successful!  The money donated from the auction is used for the NEAFCS Awards and Sponsorship Fund.  Many of us have been award winners and received monetary awards as a result.  Let’s think about how a small item contributed can pay it forward. Each affiliate is requested to bring a minimum of one item to be auctioned and a maximum of five items. Some ideas for auction items include: commodity items from your state (nuts, fruit, jelly, etc.), handmade items, prints, quilted items, cookbooks, aprons, jewelry, trips and anything else unique that you may have.  Use your imagination and you will come up with wonderful auction items. Surprise us!  Remember, it is best to bring smaller items that are easy to pack as it is hard to ship or pack the larger baskets.  Tax receipts will be provided, if requested.  Please let me know if you have an item to contribute or have any questions,


One thought on “Needed: Silent Auction Items

  1. Sara Croymans, Thanks for your donation of the jewelry organizer for NEAFCS Silent Auction. Along with the jewelry set I am donating, we will have a nice item to bid on! Thanks again so much!

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