2014 Annual Report to Membership NEAFCS-Minnesota Affiliate

2014 Annual Report to Membership National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Minnesota Affiliate

2013-2014 Board Members

  • Past President – Jennifer Garbow
  • President – Kathy Brandt
  • President-Elect – Lori Hendrickson
  • Secretary – Connie Burns/Sharon Powell
  • MAEE Treasurer – Mary Caskey
  • North Area Representative –Becky Hagen-Jokela
  • Metro Area Representative – Sharon Powell
  • South Area Representative – Mary Schroeder
  • Extension Administrative Liaison – Karen Shirer

2013-2014 Committees

Standing Committees- * indicates chair

Awards and Membership: *Rosi Heins & *Sara Croymans, Awards, *Mary Schroeder, Membership, Mary Caskey, Margaret   Haggenmiller, Cindy Petersen

  • Professional Development: *Debbie Botzek-Linn, *Becky Hagen-Jokela, Brianna Routh, Jennifer Garbow, Silvia Alvarez de Davila, Antonio Alba
  • Public Policy/Public Relations: *Suzanne Driessen,  Lori Hendrickson,  Glenyce Peterson- Vangsness, Brianna Routh

Ad hoc Committees

  • President’s Reception: *Sara Croymans, *Mary Schroeder, Rosi Heins, Colleen Gengler,                                              Shirley Anderson-Porisch,  Deb Botzek-Linn, Lori Hendrickson
  • Communications: *Brianna Routh, Connie Burns, Mary Jo Katras
  • Quasi-Endowment: *Rosi Heins, *Suzanne Driessen, Mary Caskey, Sara Croymans, Jennifer Garbow

President’s Report-Kathy Brandt

Reflecting on NEAFCS-MN over the past year my whole being is smiling! How about you? What an amazing, magical year it’s been with so much to celebrate! It’s been my privilege and honor to serve as your president during 2013-14. We are a group of amazing individuals who, working together accomplish great things! Thank you to each of you for the contributions you made – serving as an officer or on a committee, saying yes to run for an office, attending our professional development day, applying for an award. These are all ways that we contribute and make NEAFCS-MN better, stronger, and more relevant to our professional growth.

Many of the highlights of our year are summarized in the committee reports on the following pages. Our committees have been active and as you will read, have made significant contributions to our association. Thank you to all committee chairs and members for your time, energy and commitment!

Following are the 2013-14 goals established by your board with key accomplishments and comments listed.

1)    Establish effective and regular communication modes with all members (active and life) to provide easy access to opportunities and information. Ad Hoc Communications Committee will develop a plan and implement with board approval.

  • Committee established a new blog site at https://neafcsmn.wordpress.com/ and transferred previous posts to this site. This site is easier to use.
  • Monthly communication schedule via blog was established. Though communication was adequate, this is an area that needs continued growth.
  • Thanks to the Public Policy/Public Relations Committee for their work to inform us of the new process for online impact statements and gathering statements that showcase the excellent work in Minnesota. See their report for details.
  • Board meetings were held every two months via google hangout and in-person once. Establishing a regular meeting schedule is beneficial for effective communication between board members and is recommended for future years.

2)    Encourage members to participate in opportunities through the state and national organizations (NEAFCS, JCEP) to receive recognition and enhance teaching, scholarship and professional development.

  • Twelve applications were received in ten award categories, including 6 individual and 6 team applications. Ten applications were sent to NEAFCS for regional and national judging. Please refer to the Awards Committee Report for the specifics. Congratulations to ALL of our award winners!
  • Lori Hendrickson represented us at JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals), held in Memphis, TN and I attended PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development) in Washington, DC. Both conferences are excellent national opportunities for exposure to professional development.
  • The Professional Development Committee planned and presented “Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Family Development” Professional Development Day on July 17, 2014. See the Professional Development Committee Report. Congratulations on a job well done!
  • NEAFCS Annual Session was attended by twelve active members and 4 life members. The Ad Hoc President’s Reception Committee worked diligently throughout the year on sponsorship and details. They successfully executed a magical reception for our NEAFCS President, Kathy Olson. See their report. Congratulations and Thank You to this committee!
  • With a proposal acceptance rate for NEAFCS Annual Session of 60.9% for concurrent sessions and 65.5% for showcase of excellence, we can be Minnesota proud of the many who presented in Lexington, KY. Please refer to President’s Reception Committee Report for those who represented us in this way. Congratulations to ALL who were selected to present their scholarly work!

3)    Communicate goals and direction to the standing and Ad Hoc committees; provide input and support for their work. The President-elect is liaison to the committees.

  • Lori Hendrickson, President-elect, served as liaison to all committees. Lori shared committee goals and progress towards the goals at Board meetings. A special thank you to Lori for her time and commitment to getting the job done!

4)    Continue to monitor and review the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate budget and investments.

  • Dues continue to be $120 with $100 going to NEAFCS and $20 going to our state treasury.
  • Treasurer Mary Caskey has been diligently working to clarify tax status. Mary, thank you for your work on this important detail!

5)    Establish an Ad Hoc Quasi-Endowment Committee to clarify and write specific details to where the funds are held, procedure to access funds, who can access funds and how funds can be used. The Committee and Board will finalize decisions related to these funds.

  • See Ad Hoc Quasi-Endowment Committee Report for details and recommendations. Thank you for clarifying this confusing area for us!
  • The Board utilized recommendations from the Quasi Committee and those from MAEE funds sub-committee (Mary C, Mary S, Sharon P-thank you!) to establish a fund of $3,000 for scholarships to NEAFCS. Criteria included being a current active or life member, as of December 31, 2013, who will attend the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, KY. The money will be divided among the applicants, with a maximum award amount of $250/applicant. Scholarships will be awarded after Annual Session with final dollar amount based on actual number of applicants in attendance.

6)    Update the Manual for Officers and Committees. Past President will provide leadership.

  • The update is in progress and will be completed by November 21, 2014.

7)    Promote NEAFCS and MN Affiliate benefits and membership opportunities to potential members.

  • Membership included 24 active members, 18 national life members and 5 state life members.
  • This year we celebrated and honored Rosi Heins and Cindy Petersen on their retirement. Congratulations!!
  • Membership benefits and information were shared at the Professional Development Day and via email. See Membership Committee report for details.

Committee Reports

Professional Development

Members:  Co-chairs:  Debbie Botzek-Linn and Becky Hagen Jokela, Brianna Routh, Jennifer Garbow,  Antonio Alba Meraz, and Silvia Alvarez de Davila

Committee Objective:

To encourage professional growth of state members:

  • Implement the national program of work as it applies to the state.
  • Communicate with state membership and retirees of professional development opportunities
  • Plan and sponsor a professional development event.
  • Encourage first time attendance at National Annual Session.
  • Facilitate the selection process for National First Timer’s Award winner(s).
  • Attend Professional Development Committee meetings at National Annual Session.

Professional Development Event:  The Professional Development Committee presented: Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Family Development on July 17, 2014 at the UM Landscape Arboretum, Chaska, MN.

In recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act and Kathleen Olson, NEAFCS-MN’s first NEAFCS National President, 40 members, retirees, and guests participated in a reflective, learning, and networking professional development day.

Celebrating 100 years! Smith Lever Act-NEAFCS 100 Years of Family Consumer Science History kicked off the day.  Memories were humorously shared by panel members in Celebrate Past, Present and Future with Colleagues.  Laura Kalambokidis, MN State Demographer presented Minnesota’s Economic Outlook.  NEAFCS-MN 2014 Awards were presented followed by an Arboretum Garden Tour.  We were honored to have Kathleen Olson, NEAFCS National President as our closing presenter.

“The day’s agenda had a great mix of new info, fun, horticulture, and the manner in which the days topic was handled provided linkages from the past to the present and into the future.  It was a very rich, well planned and on-track kind of day.  Accolades to all involved.” – Attendee.

Awards and Membership

Members:  Mary Schroeder -Membership Chair, Sara Croymans & Rosemary Heins-Awards Co-Chairs, Margaret Hagenmiller, and Cindy Peterson

Membership Report:

During the 2013 – 2014 year there were 24 active members; this membership included 0 new members. Four members did not renew as their Extension positions were eliminated due to restructuring.

Minnesota has 18 National life members and 5 state life members.  There were two retirements in 2013-2014 to follow up with offers to join as life members.  Currently the National life membership fee is 3 times the national dues ($300); and state life membership remains at $50.  All members are encouraged to serve on a national committee.  Kathy Olson served as National President 2013-2014; Kathy is also a member of the finance committee.

A membership list to accompany the National dues check was sent to Mary Caskey, NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Treasurer so the Minnesota dues could be paid by the mid December deadline.  In addition to a listing of member names, in 2013 the National office also requested a copy of each member’s annual renewal form accompany the check that was sent by Minnesota for dues.

The listserv is updated quarterly as recommended by the board.  Those suggested to be on the listserv are: current NEAFCS-MN members and Life members.  Retirees are given a six-month grace period to become a Life member before being removed.  The listserv is being maintained by Mary Caskey in the St. Cloud Regional Office.

The Membership Committee:

  • Continue to monitor and invite retirees as potential life members;
  • Updated the membership form to collect dues; the form continues to offer both a one-time annual payment or a two-time payment half due in September and the second half due November 1 of the current year; the benefits to NEAFCS-MN Affiliate membership fact sheet was updated and sent to potential members;
  • Recognized state award winners at the professional development day;
  • Continued to keep current the mentoring program materials for new members which includes: The ‘welcome packet’ with  a current NEAFCS-MN membership list, By-Laws and Policies, membership benefit fact sheet, NEAFCS brochure, and information on websites, awards and affiliate’s informal customs;
  • Continued to connect with retirees asking them to serve as award application judges and inviting them to participate in the professional development day in September.
  • Updated the committee responsibility list, goals and timeline for 2012-2013;
  • Updated membership data base with: the number of years of membership in NEAFCS-MN Affiliate; number of NEAFCS Annual Sessions attended; year member received the Distinguished Service Award (DSA); year member received the Continued Excellence Award (CEA); and the year received the Extension Educator of the Year award;

The committee recommends that for future years the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Treasurer serve as an ex-official member of the Awards and Membership Committee since keeping accurate membership records often requires input from the treasurer.   The committee also recommends that each member scan and email a copy of their NEAFCS online renewal form to the current treasurer by mid- November so it can be included with the national dues check.  The committee recommends members participate on national committees. To join a committee, go to the NEAFCS.org website, click on the About NEAFCS tab, scroll down and click on committees.  There are 2 ways listed to join a committee.

Awards Committee Report

Twelve applications were received in 10 award categories.  Applications included 6 individual applications and & 6 team applications.  Applications involved 13 NEAFCS MN Affiliate members & 3 non-members. MN has forwarded 10 applications to Nationals for consideration for Regional & National Awards.

Six retired members served as judges.  All judging was done electronically sending pdfs of materials, rather than sending hard copies of the applications to judges, which saved time & money on postage.  Each application was reviewed/scored by 2 judges; while the applications in the 2 categories that had competition were each judged by 3 judges.  Due to score sheets not being available from  National for the Distinguished Service and Continued Excellence Awards, we developed score sheets  based on award information provided by National to aid the judges in their evaluation of the applications.

NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Award Winners – 2014

  • Mary M. Wells Memorial Diversity Award – An Exploration into Culturally Relevant Family Resource Management Education – Jennifer Garbow; Antonio Meraz Alba; Rebecca Hagen Jokela; Trish Olson
  • Food Safety Award – Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees – Suzanne Driessen; Kathy Brandt; Katherine Waters
  • Communications Awards – Internet Education Technology: Helping Families Recover Financially After a Disaster: A webinar series for helping professionals – Sara Croymans; Lori Hendrickson; Rebecca Hagen Jokela
  • Communications Awards – Educational Curriculum Package – Chat & Chew: Experiencing the Dietary Guidelines – Connie Burns; Mary Schroeder
  • Communications Awards – Written Press Release: Prevent the Spread of norovirus During the Holidays – Deb Botzek-Linn
  • Community Partnership – Cooking Safely for a Crowd Video Conference – Deb Botzek-Linn
  • Social Networking – U of MN Extension Family Development Pinterest – Brianna Routh
  • Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award – 4-H Consumer Decision Making Programming- Sara Croymans; Carrie Ann Olson
  • Continued Excellence – Deb Botzek Linn
  • Distinguished Service – Kelly Kunkel

NEAFCS National Award Winners from Minnesota Affiliate – 2014

  • Mary W Wells Memorial Diversity Award – 1st Place Central Reg Winner and 1st Place National Winner; Jennifer Garbow and team (Antonio Alba Meraz, Rebecca Hagen Jokela & Trish Olson); “An Exploration into Culturally Relevant Resource Management Education”
  • Dean Don Felker Financial Management Award – 1st Place Central Regional; Sara Croymans and team (Carrie Olson); Consumer Decision Making
  • Community Partnership Award – 2nd Place Central Reg and 3rd Place National Winner – Debra Botzek Linn; Cooking Safety for a Crowd Video Conference; (Partnership with MN Department of Health)
  • Food Safety Award – 1st Place Central Reg and 2nd Place National Winner; Suzanne Driessen, Kathy Brandt, Katherine Waters; Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees
  • Social Networking Award – 1st Place Central Reg and 2nd Place National Winner; Brianna Routh; University of Minnesota Extension Family Development Pintrist
  • Communication Award: Internet Education Technology – 1st Place Central Regional Winner and 1st Place National Winner;  Sara Croymans & Team (Lori Hendrickson & Becky Hagen Jokela); Helping Families Recover Financially After a Disaster:  A webinar series for helping Professionals
  • Distinguished Service Award – Kelly Kunkel
  • Continued Excellence – Deb Botzek Linn


Public Policy/Public Relations

Members:  Suzanne Driessen-Chair, Lori Hendrickson, Glenyce Peterson-Vangsness

Purpose/goals: kept members informed about issues that impact Family Consumer Science Extension (FCS) and raise awareness of FCS Extension among consumers, the media and policy makers.

  • The committee solicited and oriented members to the new national online impact statement electronic process. Impact statements communicate our critically important work to federal and state legislators, local officials and other funders.
  • Congratulations to Minnesota Affiliate members for their contributions to the 2014 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) program Impact Statements. Please see the information below from our blog.  The Program Impact Statements were summarized and sent to membership, family development colleagues and Extension administration.

Minnesota contributes to national impact statements (from NEAFCS-MN Blog)

Congratulations to Minnesota Affiliate members for their contributions to the 2014 National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) program Impact Statements. Summary below taken from http://neafcs.memberclicks.net/impact-statements.

NEAFCS, President Kathy Olson mentioned “…these national impact statements are shared by Caroline Crocoll of NIFA, with legislators and other partners at the national level. Caroline shared how she uses this information at the NEAFCS association section at PILD ( Public Issues Leadership Workshop Joint Council of Extension). This is a good indicator of how the association is working on behalf of all of FCS Extension”.

Childhood Obesity

School Nutrition Programs – USDA Standards

In Minnesota the Extension office is countering Childhood Obesity, and Food, Nutrition, and Health by offering trainings to school foodservice teams about health eating initiatives, and increasing consumptions of fruits and vegetables. “Energizers” are also being offered in classrooms to pair physical activity with academic concepts.


 Food and Nutrition

Training Volunteers and Professionals

Cooking with Whole Grains is geared at Minnesota child care providers. The training helps them learn how to identify and cook with whole grains, and then introduce whole grains to children through experiential learning.


Food Safety

Entrepreneurial Food Safety

A Food Preservation Basics Train-the-Trainer for Tribal Colleges and Communities workshop provided resources and local expertise to five Minnesota Native American communities. Minnesota educators also presented entrepreneurs and market vendors with classes on pickle safety, jam/jelly making & marketing, and produce preservation tips aimed at customers.



Increased demand for food preservation education prompted Minnesota educators to create five-minute online mini-modules on 22 food preservation topics that reached 2,000 home preservers. Each module emphasized critical science-based information and steps to achieve a safe and tasty preserved product.


Healthy Home and Environment

Disaster Preparedness

Minnesota trained 261 frontline disaster professionals via a webinar on identifying resources and key strategies to assist disaster survivors in making informed financial recovery decisions. 


  • Kathy Brandt was our Public Issues Leadership Development (PILD) conference delegate this year.  She shared her PILD experience through our affiliate blog.

Ad-Hoc: President’s Reception

Members: Sara Croymans, Co-Chair, Mary Schroeder, Co-Chair, Colleen Gengler, Shirley Anderson Porisch, Rosi Heins, Deb Botzek-Linn, Lori Hendrickson

Purpose of Committee:  Kathy Olson is currently serving as the 2014 National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) President. She is representing the MN Affiliate and University of Minnesota Extension well in her role and is the first Minnesota member to serve as President of NEAFCS. Her year as President marks her 6th consecutive year of service at the national level.  The 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session was held September 15-18 in Lexington, KY.  Approximately 650 conference participants from across the nation attended. Historically, the President’s home state Affiliate and University hosts the President’s Reception. The reception was held September 18 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm before the Awards Banquet.

Charge to the committee from the MN Affiliate Board & Lori Hendrickson, board liaison:  Ad-Hoc 2014 President’s Reception Planning Committee- This committee will need to be creative to generate funds for Kathy Olson’s President’s Reception at the NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, Kentucky, September 15-18, 2014. The cost of the reception is estimated to be $5,000.  This committee will also lead membership in building excitement, enthusiasm and commitment for ALL members-both active and retired to attend this Annual Session.  I would appreciate some goals being identified and a timeline set for the planning.

Thank you for your contributions to NEAFCS-MN through our committees!

Goals established by the committee:

  1. Secure funds (approximately $5,000.00) to support the 2014 NEAFCS President’s reception for Kathleen Olson, from the Quasi-endowment, donations, Family development and the Dean’s office by July 15, 2014.
  2. Lead membership in building excitement, enthusiasm and commitment for ALL members-both active and life members/retirees to attend this Annual Session to:
  • Support President Kathy Olson
  • Encourage members to work on personal scholarly goals by:
  • submitting proposals for concurrent and poster sessions
  • applying for awards
  • contributing to the national association by serving on national committees
  1. Recommend to NEAFCS- MN Affiliate board to add an additional four, $250.00 scholarships, to support attendance at the NEAFCS 2014 Annual Sessions. Encourage members to look at ESP scholarships, and Rosella Qualey funds for additional professional development funds.
  2. Communicate with and encourage life member and retirees to engage in the NEAFCS annual session by submitting proposals for & participating in the life member track concurrent sessions and posters.
  3. Increase MN Affiliate participation in the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session to 12 members


Accomplishments of Committee:

The President’s Reception Committee successfully planned and implemented the National President’s Reception at the NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, KY on Thursday, September 18, 2014 prior to the Awards Banquet in honor of national President Kathleen Olson.  Specific accomplishments included:

  • The committee developed a letter of understanding/agreement to secure funds from NEAFCS MN Affiliate ($2000), U of MN Extension Dean Bev Durgan ($2500), and U of MN Extension Center for Family Development Associate Dean Karen Shirer ($2500) to fund food at the reception the reception.
  • The Affiliate also committed an additional $500 to cover additional reception expenses (decorations, small gift for awards banquet attendees, corsage & gift for Kathleen Olson, National President, etc). In addition, $600 in donations was received from members and retirees to cover event expenses.
  • The committee worked with Cindy Rosen, NEAFCS National Office conference planner, to select food options and coordinate the venue space.
  • The President’s theme “NEAFCS IS Magic!” was carried through to the reception. The reception featured light hors d’oeuvres, festive ‘magic’ themed music and fun entertainment in the form of Kathy’s husband David (‘the balloon man’) making balloon corsages and her son, Kristoffer, performing ‘strolling magic’.
  • A small gift (a magic pretzel wand/ rod dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles with the message: “NEAFCS is Magic! Congratulations from NEAFCS MN Affiliate, Home of President Kathleen Olson”)was provided to the  awards banquet attendees to acknowledge Kathy’s contributions, , representing Kathy’s theme of NEAFCS IS Magic.  These inexpensive items were assembled by Affiliate members and retirees, under the direction of committee member Rosi Heins.
  • Decorations for the reception included polka dot fabric squares (Shirley Anderson Porisch with assistance from Glenice Johnson); black top hats with polk a dot tissue paper (Lori Hendrickson)
  • MN Affiliate members and retirees were recognizable at the reception by the polka dot ribbon flowers worn by all (Lori Hendrickson)
  • Kathy Olson wore a corsage at the reception (coordinated by Colleen Gengler)
  • A gift was presented to Kathy Olson in honor of her work as National President at the MN Affiliate Staff Development Day on July 17, 2014 at the U of MN Landscape Arboretum. The gift was a beautiful purple polka dot blown glass vase (source identified by Lori Hendrickson with Colleen Gengler making arrangements with the artist)
  • Invitations to the reception were developed in conjunction with Cindy Rosen to be included in the conference booklet and for Kathy Olson to distribute to select individuals. The invitation recognized the financial sponsors of the reception.  (Mary Schroeder)
  • The National Meeting was attended by 12 active members and 4 life members. The committee recommended that the Affiliate Board support attendance at the conference in the form of scholarships.  12 scholarships of $250 were provided to attendees from the Quazi-Endowment fund and monies remaining from previous MAEE funds.
  • The committee successfully encouraged MN Affiliate members to work on personal scholarly goals:
  • Four concurrent sessions were presented by MN Affiliate members: An Exploration into Culturally Relevant Family Resource Management Education (Rebecca Hagen Jokela, Jennifer Garbow & Antonio Alba Meraz); What Does it Take to Design an Interactive Online Extension Course (Suzanne Driessen & Kathy Brandt); Farm to Table:  Food Safety for Entrepreneurs (Debra Botzek-Linn); and Life Skill Development Enhanced Through Consumer Decision Making Program (Sara Croymans and Carrie Olson)
  •  Three Showcase of Excellence (poster) sessions were presented by MN Affiliate members: Transforming the School Cafeteria Environment:  Teaming with Public Health (Kelly Kunkel, Mary Caskey, Mary Schroeder, Kathleen Lovett & Trina Barno); Intergenerational Land Transfer and Collaborative Learning (Rebecca Hagen Jokela); and  Ripple Effect Mapping: A New Evaluation Technique (Sara Croymans and Kit Alviz)
  •  MN Affiliate members received numerous awards as outlined in the Awards Committee report.

Ad-Hoc Communications

Members: Brianna Routh-Chair, Connie Burns, Mary Jo Katras

The communications committee successfully  established a new blogsite at https://neafcsmn.wordpress.com/ and transferred previous blog posts to this site.  The new blog was used to communicate information regarding the professional development day, annual session plans, membership and new officer information.  Additional work will continue in communications with national and state life members.  Additionally, the committee will further explore social media and the NEAFCS circles on the national website.


 Ad-Hoc Quasi-Endowment

Members: Rosi Heins Co-Chair, Suzanne Driessen Co-Chair, Mary Caskey, Sara Croymans, Jennifer  Garbow

The committee was asked to research and clarify access to Quasi-Endowment funds established in 2010.  Questions, tasks and accomplishments include:

  1. Determine if approval of fund withdrawals can be the responsibility of the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Board rather than the Associate Dean for Center for Family Development?
  2. No, it cannot. It is considered a gift and the donor is Dean Durgan.  I checked in with her last week on this question and it is her intent that the fund be overseen by the center for family development. In addition, the foundation requires that these funds have accountability procedures in place.  This is how they typically handle it.
  3. Determine how much is available for withdrawal.
  4. On January 23, 2014 Karen shared with Rosi the following information obtained from Betsy Leverty, Center for Family Development Accounting. The current fund balance is $13,709. The available balance for FY2014 that can be withdrawn is $2,576.
  5. Develop a form for approval and access to funds.
  6. Worked with Heather Lee (as designated by Karen Shirer) to develop a form for accessing the funds. Form reviewed and modified and adopted by the board.
  7. Make recommendations to the board for amount to be utilized in current fiscal year.
  8. It is the recommendation of the ad hoc committee, $2,400 be withdrawn for use by NEAFCS-MN Affiliate members to support professional development scholarships as follows: $750 to be divided for 1 attendee at PILD and 1 attendee at JCEP conferences; $400 to support the annual affiliate professional development conference; and $1,250 to provide five $250 scholarships for members attending 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, Kentucky.
  9. The ad hoc committee further recommends $2,500 of former MAEE funds be accessed to support the Presidents reception at the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session as match to support obtained from the Center for Family Development Administration. In addition, we felt up to another $1,750 be utilized for an additional seven $250 scholarships for members attending the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session.

Other News

Minnesota Presentations at 2014 National Annual Session, Lexington, Kentucky. The acceptance rate for concurrent sessions in 2014 was 60.9% for the seminars and 65.5% for the showcase of excellence proposals.

Our History: 1928-2014

Minnesota Affiliate – National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

(Formerly MN Association of Extension Home Economics & MN Home Demonstration Agents Association)

~Information compiled by Shirley Anderson-Porisch in 1984 & 2009

Updated by Rosi Heins, 2013; Kathy Brandt & Lori Hendrickson, 2014

As the National Association of Extension Home Economists (NAEHE) marked their 50th Anniversary in 1984, this brief history of the Minnesota section began.  While compiling this history, it was discovered that Minnesota section is older than NEAFCS.  The Minnesota section was 56 in 1984 and now 81 in 2009 when NEAFCS celebrates 75 years.

On December 14, 1928, a group of Home Demonstration Agents met in St. Paul to organize a Minnesota Home Demonstration Agents Association.  Selected as temporary officers were President Amy Wessel of Sleepy Eye and Secretary Agnes Erkel of St. Paul. Committees were also appointed to secure information on the work of similar associations in other states and to propose activities for a Minnesota association.

On March 5, 1929, the first meeting of the Minnesota Home Demonstration Agents Association (MHDAA) met in St. Paul.  Officers elected were: President: Amy Wessel, Sleepy Eye; Vice President: Anna Olson, No City Designation; Secretary: Agnes Erkel, St. Paul; and Treasurer: Sylvia Shiras, No City Designation.  Other highlights of the meeting: MHDAA Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions adopted.  Annual dues set at $5.00 per member.  Nominating, Legislative, Publicity, and Social Committees appointed; objectives:

  • To increase interest in Home Demonstration Agent work.
  • To develop better understanding of Home Demonstration work in Minnesota through closer personal contact among members of the association.
  • To cooperate with all branches of the Extension Service.

MHDAA held two other meetings in 1929.  Highlights of those meetings included:

Purchasing MHDAA stationery, meeting with a representative from the Minneapolis Journal to discuss publicizing Home Demonstration work in Minnesota, and meeting with a State Retirement Fund representative to learn about plans for retirement income.

During the early years of MHDAA, two or three meetings were held annually except in the war years.  Records are sketchy in that time period.  Minutes from meetings are the only permanent record of these activities.  Some years are missing.

Here are highlights:

1930: MHDAA studies its relationship with Range Home Economics Association and the Minnesota Home Economics Association.  Annual plans for a Home Demonstration Agent Weekend Outing began.  Home Demonstration Agents complete a Child Health Program Questionnaire with county clientele.  Data will be compiled and used at a White House Conference in Washington, D.C.

1931: Members participate in a program entitled “Challenge to Home Demonstration Agents.”  MHDAA discusses plans for a newsletter that would share ideas and “gossip.”

1932: Members asked to please pay their dues to keep MHDAA treasury in the black.   A discussion to send MHDAA delegate to AHEA — all expenses paid except travel.

1933: New policies accepted:

  • That HDA’s carry on their own strong program of work and not allow special activities to overshadow permanent work of greater value.
  • That HDA’s make contacts with outside organizations that would value and aid their work.
  • That HDA’s make a list of materials they have on hand, send to the secretary, and then a composite list will be sent to all members.
  • That a loan fund be created for Home Economics school girls.

1934: Loan fund created for Home Economics students at 5% interest. HDA’s materials list distributed.  Encouraged offices to put HDA’s name on the door. Encouraged more HDA programs at Annual Conference.  Planned to devote more time to 4-H rather than HDA activities.  Extended officer positions from one to two year terms.

1935: Recommended various 4-H events for the State Fair. Discussed and approved joining the National Home Demonstration Agent Association at a cost of 25¢ per member.

1936: Announced a new 4-H project: Food Preparation. Discussed plans for a traveling library.  Discussed having a Spring Conference program on Home Demonstration Agent problems.

1937: Discussed that HDA’s needed more training in working with the 4-H program.

1938: Recommended that annual program planning meetings be held each spring.

Recommended that all HDA be made aware of their privileges as University of Minnesota faculty members.

1939: Recommended that HDA be included with County Agricultural Agents for promotion in academic rank and life insurance coverage.  Discussed HDA salaries and short courses for credit.  Recommended that specialists be included as State Fair Judges. Recommended that 5th year 4-H Clothing Project members be required to make the slip with the outfit.

1940: Raised dues to $7.00 per member. Recommended that everyone have a plan of work. Discussed the National Defense Program and voted to contribute toward the purchase of pressure cookers for food conservation in England.

1941-1942: Missing Minutes

1943: Recalled outstanding war activities. Began electing District HDA Directors. Requested short meetings at District Conferences for idea exchange.

1944: Evelyn Morrow, Minnesota, was elected a NHDAA Vice-President. Committee appointed to discuss HDA salaries with the Director. MHDAA was represented at the Agricultural Agent Association Meeting.

1945: Discussed 4-H Club Agents joining MHDAA. Elected a District Chairman and Vice-Chairman to take care of training problems.

1946 – 1948: Voted to raise mileage rate; raised dues to $8.25 per member. Agents hired without a Bachelors Degree were considered “temporary.”  Committees were encouraged to work with the other County Agents and professional associations.

1949-1963: Minnesota records missing – Coffey Hall, U of M, St. Paul?

1964: The National Home Demonstration Agents Association changed its name to the National Association of Extension Home Economists as did Minnesota.

1965-1979: Minnesota records missing – Coffey Hall, U of M, St. Paul?

1980: President Yvonne Steinberg.  Home Economics Director Evelyn Quesenberry was directing conversation between Extension and college of Home Economics. EHE’s were expressing their needs to Dr. Norm Brown’s reorganization plan including name change to Family Living Education.  Shirley Barber suggested public policy is a role of EHE’s.

1981: President Marie Henriksen.  College of Home Economics/Extension dialogue reports.  37 of 91 members have contributed to Report to America national multi-media project. NAEHE raising dues $10.  Recommending that MAEA treasurer shop for best interest rates.  Membership in MAEA is required of all MN NAEHE members.  25 members were headed to NAEHE in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1982: President Shirley Anderson.  21 members attended NAEHE at Tan Tar A, Missouri.

4-H & Ag are not interested in cooperating on Program Index.  College of Home Ec name change is being discussed.  Announcements: “Sewing by Satellite” Seminars.

1983: President Ann Bosch.  New Business: Merit Evaluations – Minutes missing.

1984: President Angela Berge.  MAEHE opposing College of Home Ec name change – support name of Home Ec “strongly and vehemently” (motion by Mary Malecha).  Janet Krofta suggested writing to Board of Regents.  Sent a rep to NAEHE Public Policy Workshop.

1985: President Joan Sprain.  Shirley Barber talked about need for strategic planning.  Suggested that MAEHE join MN Women’s Consortium.

1986: President Sheila Craig.  Discussed International Federation of Home Economics Council meeting in Minneapolis in 1988.  Rap Session held with Shirley Baugher.

1987: President Lois Lewis.  Helping with NAE4-HA in Minneapolis in 1988.  National Meeting Coordinator Diane Damerow.

1988: President Romell Buer.  Management Team reported: Baugher, Krofta, Sandman, Goering – work on Home Ec Annual Report. Discussed Smith Lever 75th anniversary and performance review process.  NAEHE dues increase.

1989: President Diane Damerow.  Mgmt Team report on clustering; College of Home Ec working on minority recruitment/international development. Discussed national meeting bid.

1990: President Karen Thompson.  Discussed indicators of Excellence.  Electing multi-cluster representatives.  AHEA in Minneapolis in 1991.  Name change–Extension Educators.

1991: President Lori Vig.  College of Human Ecology Report.  Director Borich providing funds for Public Policy workshop.  Retrenchment? – we need to justify Home Economics! You can join MAEHE and MHEA for just $.40 per day!

1992: Minutes missing

1993: President Shirley Barber. “Celebrated Our Colleagues” theme/Life’s Little Instruction Book.  Contributed to NACAA in Minneapolis in 1995.  Craig Hassel gave Human Ecology Program Report.  Meeting with 4-H Executive Board.

1994: President Cindy Petersen.  Reflections by Assoc. Dean for Outreach Bonnie Braun.  Standards for Professional Practice suggested.  NAEHE dues increase.

1995: President Sandy Syverson.  Donated to LIFTT/International Family Study Tour and National Diversity Award Challenge.  Name change to MEAFCS.

1996: President Pat Stumme.  Appointed members to the USDA Improving the Human Condition Task Force.  Working on Central Region Officers Reception for NEAFCS in Rapid City, SD in 1998.  Call for 1997 Galaxy Conference proposals.

Note: 1997-2000 Minutes missing

1997: President Rosemary Heins.  First Galaxy.

1998: President Nancy Frosaker-Johnson

1999: President Roselyn Biermaier

2001: President Felisha Rhodes.  Discussing with Cathy Solheim who should be “doing the work” and what competencies are needed”?  Concern over loss of FCS positions.

2002: President Phyllis Onstad.  Concerns about use of “family” language in legislative actions.  NEAFCS introduces “Living Well.”  Professional Development Day cancelled.

2003: President Carol Burtness.  Looking at ways to generate revenue.  Submitting bid for 2007 NEAFCS in Minneapolis, Chicago, or Milwaukee.  Concern about MEAFCS voice in Extension administrative decisions.

2004: President Minnell Tralle.  Major revisions on MEAFCS constitution, by-laws, policies.  May be another NEAFCS dues increase.  Financial, Revenue Generation and MEAFCS Website Committees formed.  AAFCS in Minneapolis in 2005.

2005: President Deb Botzek-Linn.  2007 NEAFCS will be in St. Paul, MN – Kathy Olson and Rosi Heins will be MEAFCS liaisons.  Beth Emshoff encouraged people to apply for awards and she will request support for attendance at national meetings.

2006: President Kim Asche.  Continued discussion about dues increase.  Jeanine Markell shared information about the Qualey/Skjervold Extension Scholarship/Professional Development Fund.  Funding will also be available to support 2007 NEAFCS in St. Paul.

2007: President Kathy Olson.  Celebrated a great NEAFCS meeting in St. Paul.  Thanks to everyone!  Strategic planning process beginning for MN-NEAFCS.

2008: President Colleen Gengler.  Discussing use of tri-state committee funds from 2007 NEAFCS in St. Paul.  Planning for NEAFCS 75th anniversary in 2009.

2009: President Becky Hagen-Jokela.  Celebrating NEAFCS 75th!

2010: President Suzanne Driessen. Established and set up quasi-endowment fund through the U of M foundation. Living Well Cookbook National fundraiser. Established and set up quasi-endowment fund through the U of M foundation.

2011: President Mary Caskey.  MN Association of Extension Educators decided to dissolve.  Kay Lovett appointed interim NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Treasurer. Due to a great retirement plan offered, our association will lose many of its members – ad hoc committee made recommendations to the Executive Board on potential members. Seven attended Annual Session in Albuquerque, N.M.

2012: President Jill May.  Kathleen Olson elected National President-Elect of NEAFCS. Celebrated the retirement of eight members.

2013: President Jennifer Garbow. Increased membership by eight members. Galaxy Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.

2014: President Kathy Brandt; President-elect Lori Hendrickson; Secretary, Connie Burns through April and Sharon Powell, completing term; and Treasurer, Mary Caskey. Kathleen Olson served as National President. The 100th Anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act was celebrated at our Annual Session in Lexington, Kentucky and at our Professional Development Day in Chanhassen. The Minnesota Affiliate was proud to celebrate the achievements of NEAFCS President and Minnesota Affiliate member Kathleen Olson during the Annual Session by hosting the President’s Reception.


One thought on “2014 Annual Report to Membership NEAFCS-Minnesota Affiliate

  1. Wow! What a lot of accomplishments for this past year! Great job MN members!

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