Thank you Minnesota members!

It was truly a magical year, and all of you helped make it so!  I have experienced such overwhelming support from all of you and I truly appreciate it.

You have surprised me numerous times as you shared time and talents to help make this past year a special time for me personally and professionally.  Some of you also contributed funding towards my reception, and/or helped plan it.  You have provided so much support as I received phone calls, email messages, notes and gifts throughout the year from so many of you.  The professional development day was so fun for me to share my leadership philosophy and hopefully inspire some of you to step up to a leadership position.  I absolutely love the purple polka dot vase presented to me at the arboretum, and will treasure it always; it has a special place on the buffet in my dining room.

How wonderful to have so many Minnesota attendees go to Annual Session, including the van of retirees who came to join us at State’s Night Out, Presidential Reception and the Award’s Banquet.  In addition, I received a lovely bouquet of flowers from Family Development and a gorgeous corsage from NEAFCS-MN. The reception in Kentucky was incredible and I have heard from many attendees how much fun they thought it was.  One person said it was the best president’s reception they had ever experienced!  Way to go Minnesota team to host a memorable reception that was executed with fun and class!  It was truly magical!

From the time I was elected, to the professional development day at the Arboretum – complete with polka dots, to the magical themed reception in Lexington, I feel truly blessed to be part of the Minnesota team of FCS members.  Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me in so many ways.  It is one I will never forget!

Kathleen Olson, Immediate Past President, NEAFCS


One thought on “Thank you Minnesota members!

  1. Thank you representing Minnesota! You were a wonderful president.

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