You do great work – share your impact with the nation! Deadline is February 25, 2015

Are you busy reflecting and writing your 2014 accomplishments for your year-end professional assessment? As you write about your programs’ reach and impact, please also complete the online Affiliate Impact Statement Data report.  Log into, Under the ‘Public Affairs’ tab, scroll down and click on ‘2105 Affiliate Impact Data Statement’, then click on Impact Statement Data Report Template.

Report your 2014 work. Please type your report in a word document and simply cut and paste onto the online form. Send a copy of your report to and so your great work can be shared with legislatures at the 2015 Public Institute Leadership Conference in April.

The form is simple, quick and easy. Categories are: childhood obesity, financial management, food, nutrition, health, food safety, healthy homes & the environment, improving children’s lives, protecting our resources and an ‘other’ category.  Include number of programs presented and number of participants reached. Include a quote from program participants, any partners or collaborators and a summary of program. You are limited to 40 words for each of these sections. Photos are optional.

Information is compiled into a National NEAFCS Impact Statement report. This report is shared with our USDA stakeholders and legislatures. See previous report at

Suzanne Driessen and Lori Hendrickson, NEAFCS – Minnesota Affiliate Public Policy Committee


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