NEAFCS MN – January Minutes

NEAFCS-MN Executive Committee Agenda and Minutes
January 19, 2018

Attendees: Megan Hruby, Kelly Kunkel, Anita Hering, Antonio Alba, Sharon Powell

Call to Order – Anita, called meeting to order, 2:37 pm

What is one thing that you would like to see about your organization in 2018?

  • Increase membership
    Echo that about membership, as well. Would also like to bring back those that didn’t come back this year.
  • Need more membership, good having more people, more ideas, feedback, how to create and improve activities.Would make the organization stronger.
  • Second that, increase membership. Get together and learn more about other parts of Family Development. (maybe have some lunch-and-learns?)
    People feeling proud about NEAFCS – MN.

Approval of Minutes Anita (for vacationing Mary S.)

  • Motion made by Sharon to approve annual minutes, Megan seconded. Approved.

Treasure Report- Megan

  • Checking Balance: $ 6,336.86
  • Savings Balance: $ 850.82
  • 16 people sent in dues, not including state and national life. Will need to get the membership list updated and Anita will check on the NEAFCS/MEAFCS Listserve, to remove the MEAFCS list and update the NEAFCS MN listserve.
  • Proposed budget for 2017-18 (Link) Megan will check with Sara Van Offelen about the audit.
  • Additional areas to follow-up from Annual Meeting
    An ad hoc committee will be formed to look at specific line items for JCEP and PILD with a possible increase in next year’s budget.
  • Treasure books need to be audited. The audit will be done at an office where there are 2-3 NEAFCS Members housed, such as St. Cloud


Old Business:

Policies that were discussed at the Annual meeting

  • Discuss policies on August 10 with electronic vote to follow at least 10 days after meeting (? By-law change for 2018) Action – Sharon Powell will contact Lori Hendrickson about by-law changes
  • Reviewed proposed changes in organizational structure from Regional Representatives to Center Representatives. This would reflect current structure of University of Minnesota Extension. (By-law change) Action – by law change
  • Divide the Awards and Membership Committee into the Awards Committee and a Membership Committee. (By-law change) Action – Needs by law change

NEAFCS MN Officers and Committee Handbook 2015

NEAFCS National Officer Handbook 2017/18

  • New committee should look at the new National Handbook and recommend changes to the Minnesota Handbook. Action – Officer Elections will be held electronically this fall.
    Action – Anita Hering and Antonio Alba will review the updated National Handbook and make Anita aware of corresponding changes that need to be made in the Minnesota Handbook.


New Business

Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee

  • An ad hoc committee (Megan, Kathy, Mary C) will be set up to review and recommend changes to the Scholarship Process. This include the possibility of increasing funds for the person attending JCEP and PILD. This ad hoc committee was formed at the annual meeting on Aug. 10. – No updates
    Action: Megan will contact Kathy Brandt and Mary Caskey

Investigating a “state only” active membership in order offer membership to those who don’t have college degrees. They would pay minimal dues. This would require a by-law change. Committee would need to look at implications. For example, could state only members apply for awards even though they are not eligible for national awards.
Action: Sharon will contact the committee.

Awards Committee
Awards Committee (Sara Croymans, Mary Caskey, Kelly Kunkel) recommends the MN Affiliate Board approve the following:

  • Receiving NEAFCS Awards is a benefit of membership. To honor and encourage membership the MN Affiliate requires team members listed on award applications to be NEAFCS members. Those individuals not eligible for membership (such as community partners) may be included as team members on award applications. Those eligible for NEAFCS membership who are not members may not be listed on the awards application. NEAFCS membership is accepted throughout the year, however national membership must be received by December 31 (dues must be to state treasurer by December 1) to be eligible for any awards given that year.
    Action: Motion made by Kelly Kunkel, seconded by Sharon Powell. Approved.

Public Policy/Public Relations

Professional Development Committee

  • Shawna Thompson, Mary Caskey, Lori Hendrickson, Megan Hurby discussed the 2018 professional development day. We are looking at having the event on one of three days: 8/9/18, 8/30/18 or 9/6/18. We are also hoping to hold the annual meeting at that time as well.

JCEP 2018

  • February 14 – 15, 2018 Orlando, FL
    Kelly Kunkel will attend
    She applied for a $350 scholarship and GOT IT!

PILD 2018

  • April 8-11, 2018 – PILD Conference at The Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia
    Sharon Powell will attend


2018 NEAFCS Annual Session Call for Proposals

  • Deadline is January 31, 2018
    You must be a current NEAFCS member to submit a proposal; however team members can be any Extension professional or Community partner.
    For more information and to find the submission link, click here.
    In addition, January 31st is also the deadline to sign up as a proposal reviewer. You will be asked to review from March 1-17. This experience is an opportunity to enhance your Vita for promotion. You can also learn ideas to present in the future. Click here to access the Sign-Up Form.

March is Living Well Month

The Living Well campaign began in 2000 to raise awareness of the educational programming offered by Extension Family and Consumer Sciences educators. The NEAFCS web page has many ideas to get you started. Click on the “Public Affairs” tab at and you will find a news release template, sample proclamation, PowerPoint presentation, storytelling tips and much more.
When planning your promotion, use this Madison Avenue advertising adage: “Get the message out 10 different times, 10 different ways.
Identify one to three target audiences and develop a plan. Keep it simple, so it stays manageable. Here are two easy examples to get started with the campaign:
Include a “Living Well” logo with the slogan, “Raising Kids, Eating Right, Spending Smart, Living Well” on your email signature. The logos are available on the NEAFCS website.
Wear your NEAFCS lapel pin to community meetings or workshops. Be ready with a short “elevator speech” to explain what it stands for.
Let’s grow the available tools for members! If you have developed more Living Well tools you’d like to share on the NEAFCS website, please email Julie Garden-Robinson, Vice President for Public Affairs at

NEAFCS Affiliate Annual Report – New Document & Procedures

NEAFCS has made revisions to its policies and procedures manual. As part of this clean-up, they revised the Affiliate Annual Report and reporting instructions. We are asked to please discard any previous templates we may have on file.
The report will now be due December 31st of each year to your Regional Director and the National Office. The report will cover anything that has occurred between January 1 and December 31 of the current year.
Review the revised report ( which is attached to the email) and also found on the NEAFCS website here (login required). In addition, visit the NEAFCS Policies and Procedures Manual located on the website here.

Anita would like to send out the National goals or publish in the blog each week of February
Action: Anita would send out a blog or email in February 2018

Action: Review these at our next meeting in February
Meeting Adjourned: 4:05 pm


Public Policy and Relations Committee Update 3-3-17

Writing a good impact statement is hard to do

We had 11 impact submissions this year. Thank you! We will compile them for Anita to take to the Public Institute Leadership Development Conference in Washington, D.C.

NEAFCS impact statement template limits us to 40 words. This gives us no choice but to be concise. Many times our statements are too general. They read more like reports with not a lot of impact. True impact statements are hard to write.

Consider three questions as you frame your statement

(AFNR intranet, January 1, 2017)

  1. What was the need or problem you were trying to solve?
    • Focus on one issue.
    • Target the audience you want to reach.
    • One impact statement does not fit all audience. Select messages from statement and tailor to each audience.
  2. What service (course, conference, materials, curriculum, etc.) did you provide/facilitate to address the need?
    • Pick 1 or 2 things that had the biggest bang.
    • Include the relevance to improve people’s health, the economy, the environment.
    • Use active verbs.
  3. How did your service improve the lives of people in the community, etc.? The results
    • Lay it out like a sports page—
      • who’s playing– identify your audience
      • what happened and how
      • what was the score or so what–numbers with $ or %
      • Why does this score (program) matter?
      • What is interesting or surprising?
      • See Top 9 Tips for  your Impact Statement, Purdue Extension,

Quotes should extend the story

Our NEAFCS impact statements ask for quotes on the benefit of the program. Quotes should illustrate and extend your story.

This: “Though, I was skeptical at first, planting cover crops improved my overall yields over the past three years.”

Not this: “Of course, Food Safety Training was the main reason we attended this academy. These classes teach the specifics. It was very interesting and informative, as well as, being a requirement to legally sell cottage foods.”

Snap a photo

Pictures tell a story! Our Extension program story. Be sure to take action photos when out and about. Take photos to help educate your point. Take photos to tell the story about your program and its impact. Be sure to have your subject(s) complete Extension’s PhotoVideo Release form.

Resources for you

Impact statements tell a compelling story, gets attention (published in the national NEAFCS impact statement report) and gets funded. Check out Pitching your Story on our extension Intranet.

More to come! The professional development committee is exploring this topic for our professional development day.

Suzanne Driessen and Becky Hagen Jokela

NEAFCS-MN Procedures for Scholarship Application for Members Attending 2014 Annual Session, Lexington, KY

NEAFCS-MN Procedures for Scholarship Application for Members Attending 2014 Annual Session, Lexington, KY
• Based on recommendations from Quasi-Endowment Funds Committee, MAEE Funds Committee and NEAFCS-MN Executive Board
May 15, 2014

Because it’s a magical year with our own Kathy Olson as NEAFCS President, the NEAFCS-MN Executive Board had a goal to provide financial support to members as a way to encourage attendance at the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session, September 15 – 18 in Lexington, Kentucky. We believe that the financial support which is summarized in the following information will do just that! As this is being written we have heard that 8 active members and 6 life members are planning to attend; we look for that number to increase. We will be Minnesota proud as Kathy O presides over the national session.

A BIG thank you to both the Quasi-Endowment Fund Ad Hoc Committee (Rosi H, Suzanne D, Mary C, Sara C, Jennifer G) and the MAEE Fund Committee (Sharon P, Mary C, Mary S) for the time and work they put into making recommendations for financial support to all (active and national or state life members) attending the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session. The board utilized recommendations from both committees and has formulated the following procedures.

From NEAFCS-MN Quasi-Endowment Funds –
1) $2,400 will be requested for professional development purposes as follows: $750 to be divided by 1 attendee to JCEP and 1 attendee to PILD; $400 to support the annual affiliate professional development conference; and $1,250 to scholarships for active and national or state life members who are attending the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, Kentucky.
2) This request will be written by Kathy Brandt and Mary Caskey, submitted to Heather Lee for review and decision by Karen Shirer.

From MAEE (Disbandment) Funds –
1) $1,750 will be requested for professional development scholarships for active and national or state life members who are attending the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, Kentucky.

The total amount available (pending approval by K. Shirer for Quasi funds) is $3,000. The criterion for applying for a scholarship is simply this; you are a current active member or a national or state life member, as of December 31, 2013, who will attend the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session in Lexington, KY.

The money will be divided among the applicants, with a maximum award amount of $250/applicant. Scholarships will be awarded after the 2014 Annual Session with final dollar amount based on actual number of applicants in attendance.

If you meet the criteria and want to apply for a scholarship, copy and paste the form at the end of this message into an email. The application MUST be returned to Kathy Brandt, by June 16, 2014. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this date. If you miss the date you are not eligible for the scholarship money.

Additional points:
1) $2,500 from MAEE Funds will provide support to the National President’s Reception (Kathy Olson) held at the Annual Session.
2) Two-$250 NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Scholarships (established 2012-13) from MAEE Funds will continue to be awarded based on criteria developed by the Ad Hoc Scholarship Committee. Selection criteria are based on supporting active members representing the MN Affiliate at Annual Session, JCEP and PILD. See application posted on the blog for details. Application is due June 16 to Kathy Brandt.


NEAFCS-MN Scholarship Application for 2014 Annual Session
Due by June 16, 2014 to Kathy Brandt,

Name _________________________________

Mail Address_______________________________________________________________


Telephone (cell) _________________________ (home) __________________________

As of December 31, 2013, I was an Active Member _______ National or MN Life Member _______

I will attend the 2014 NEAFCS Annual Session, Lexington, Kentucky? Yes _______No_______

Thank you for your application!