NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Membership Memo August 2021

NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate August 2021 Board Meeting key highlights

By Suzanne Driessen, 2021 President

Your Executive board is here for you keeping your interests in mind and to support you as an Extension professional working in family consumer science related programming. Please share your ideas, questions, and suggestions to any of our 2021 board members:

  • Suzanne Driessen, President
  • Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President
  • Megan Hruby, Treasurer
  • Kate Welshons, Secretary
  • Trish Olson, Administrative Liaison
  • Committee Chairs:
    • Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations
    • Mary Schroeder, Awards
    • Kathy Brant, Membership
    • Donna Anderson, Professional Development

Here are a few highlights discussed at NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate August Board Meeting.

  • Proposed an ad hoc committee to develop a procedure for accessing endowment funds to support professional development activities and scholarship for members in 2022.
  • Approved Bylaw revisions submitted by By-laws Committee Ad Hoc for membership approval at membership annual meeting on October 28, 2021 from 2-4:30 pm via Zoom. Mark your calendars and please plan to attend!
  • Officers and Committee Chairs are working with Kathy Brandt to update the NEAFCS-MN Officer-Committee Manual to successfully carry out their duties and responsibilities.
  • Brainstormed topics and authors for the monthly Membership Memo.
  • Approved and allocated funding for the 2022 membership promotion and recruitment. Details forthcoming. Stay tuned!

Professional Development Day Recap

Photo of Donna Anderson, NEAFCS Minnesota Professional Developemnt Committee Chair
Donna Anderson, Professional Development Committee Chair

 By Donna Anderson. Professional Development Committee Chair

The NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate held its annual professional development day on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 via Zoom. Twenty-four Extension professionals attended, including 16 annual members, 2 guests, 2 retirees and 4 non-members.

The day started with a slideshow with photos of peonies taken by Ladona Tornabene, our keynote speaker. President Suzanne Driessen and Family Development Center’s Associate Dean and NEAFCS Affiliate’s Administrative liaisonTrish Olson gave brief welcome addresses.

Keynote speaker, Ladona Tornabene, PhD, associate professor in the public health program at UMD, started the day with a enegetic and passionate presentation on how important arts are to teaching and health. Ladona shared the benefits of using art to educate, advocate and motivate for better health. Tailoring the presentation for the audience, Ladona shared examples of how Extension educators can use arts in outreach efforts, collect impact data and communicate successes to stakeholders.

Ladona Tornabene, PhD U of UMD, Duluth, Minnesota

Next on the agenda was Karen Matthes of Extension’s Technology Team. Karen presented a session entitled, How to spice up your workshops. Karen demonstrated ways to engage your audience using technology and shared the google site and sli-do deck of resources and with the presentation.

Following Karen’s presentation, Solomon Trimble shared how he uses Photo Voice and storytelling to engage his audiences to tell and share their stories, challenges and successes.

Self-care activities were interspersed throughout the day. A coloring mediation activity, yoga and creative dance kept participants engaged and energized. The day ended with celebrating national, regional and state level award winners.

The end of the session evaluation revealed attendees found the professioanl development day enjoyable and useful. Attendees really enjoyed the added self-care acitivites put into the day’s agenda.

Below are a few quotes from conference attendees expressing their thoughts about the professional development day:

  • “The variety of presentations and ideas for our toolbox. Loved being together. The coloring pages and activities were so great for personal care”.
  • “We can’t help others if our ‘buckets’ are empty. Thanks for a great day of refueling my bucket!”
  • “I found something helpful in every presentation, and really appreciate the links to all these wonderful resources. Really enjoyed the interactions”.
  • “Ladona’s presentation was wonderful. And I really liked the new tips and tools that Karen shared”.
  • “All of the 4 hours was awesome!”

The professional development day was recorded in case you missed it or want to review content presented.

Finally, I would like to thank my committee members for their involvement to making our day such a success! Thank you to Joyce Sierdo, Lori Hendrickson, Kelly Kunkel, Megan Hruby!

Minnesota Military Family Service Providers awarded the Friend of NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Award

By Mary Schroeder, Awards Chair

It was difficult to pick just one Friend of NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate so why not recognize a group of friends. The friends provide significant contributions to support and enhance the quality of Extension’s family resiliency programming for military families. The 2021 Friends of NEAFCS – MN Award recipients are seven Military Family Service Providers. Congratulations to:

  • Laura Groeneweg, MN National Guard, Lead Child & Youth Program Coordinator
  • Mel Johnson, MN National Guard, Child & Youth Program Coordinator
  • Marian Belinski, former MN National Guard State Family Program Director
  • Rachel Johnson, BTYR, MN Yellow Ribbon Outreach Coordinator
  • Annette Kuyper, BTYR, Director of Military Outreach, Minnesota Department of Military Affairs
  • Mike Meier, MN Military OneSource Consultant
  • Tiffany Kovaleski, Building Healthy Military Communities, MN State Coordinator

Updates from national NEAFCS

  • Annual Session Reminders:
    •  Both the in-person and the virtual registrations are available on the NEAFCS Annual Session webpage.  
    • Early-bird deadline extended through October 1.
    • Complete registration as soon as you have finalized your plans.
    • Reserve your hotel room as soon as you’ve finalized your plans if attending in-person. Do not HOLD extra rooms at the hotel if you are unsure of your plans as this time.  
  • 2022 Grants for Innovative Projects:

NEAFCS Board Meeting Minutes 8.5.21


  • Executive Committee: Suzanne Driessen, President; Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President; Megan Hruby, Treasurer; Kate Welshons, Secretary
  • Committee Chairs: Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations; Mary Schroeder and Kathy Brandt, Awards/Membership; Donna Anderson, Professional Development
  • Administrative Liaison: Patricia Olson
  • Attendance: Suzanne Driessen, President; Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President; Megan Hruby, Treasurer; Kate Welshons, Secretary, Donna Anderson, Professional Development


  1. Call to order at 10:19 am. 
  2. Approval of agenda – Moved Kathy, seconded Megan; motion carried
  3. Secretary’s report – Kate
    1. Roll call : Megan, Donna, Kathy,  Suzanne, & Kate 
    2. Approval of Minutes, June 22, 2021; moved Megan, seconded Kathy; motion carried
    3. Minute reviewer for today’s meeting: all 
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Megan
    1. Account updates and balances
      1. Checking account- $4,865.22; paid expenses for supplies for professional development day; paid NEAFCS $200 for endowment contribution for year 2 of 5 year commitment until 2024
      2. Savings account balance – $851.51
    2. Filing with secretary of state-
      1. Did file for 2021
      2. Need to create your individual account and log in
    3. Procedure for accessing endowment funds
      1. Powerpoint by Madonna is really helpful
      2. Working with FD accountant for payment for professional development speaker
  5. Administrative Liaison Update – Trish Olson: no report
  1. Old Business
    1. Bylaw revisions – By-laws Committee Ad Hoc – Suzanne, Kathy, Anita, Sam Roth
      1. Review and approval for membership vote @ annual meeting.
      2. Thanks to the committee for updating!! The last update was in 2013. 
    2. Nominating committee for 2022 officers update – Kathy
      1. Candidate for President – Sara Croymans
      2. Candidate for President-elect – Samantha Roth
      3. Candidate for Treasurer – Anna Sneltjes
  1. NEAFCS-MN Officer-Committee Manual Updates – Kathy

        i.   Sections that have been reviewed and edited: President, Suzanne; Past President, Kathy; Secretary, Kate; Treasurer, Megan; Awards and Recognition, Mary; Membership, Kathy. Thank you!     

       ii.   Sections that need to be completed: President-elect, Kathy; Professional Development Committee, Donna; and Public Policy/Public Relations Committee, Anita. Please have this completed by August 20. Thank you!

      iii.   Once all reviews/edits are complete, the MN Affiliate manual will be compared to the NEAFCS Affiliate Officers Toolkit. Additions will be made as needed. The manual will be completed by the MN Affiliate Annual Meeting, ready for 2021 – 2022.                                

  1. Membership Memo topics and author list
    1. Article ideas/member spotlight/accomplishments for August
      1. Reminder about annual session
      2. Recap/highlights about NEAFCS professional development day – Donna will write up 
      3. Can feature current member (vs. new)
      4. Side note – Megan & Donna will brainstorm ideas on how to recruit more SNAP-Ed educators 
  1. New Business
    1. Endowment budget, spending proposal and procedures discussion
      1. Are there ways we can leverage $$ to support more individuals to attend annual session?
      2. Ad hoc committee proposed in 2022 
    2. National updates – Suzanne
      1. NEAFCS is working with The American Heart Association to offer Healthy for Life Grants to members
        1.  Grant application deadline is August 20, 2021,
        2. NEAFCS is seeking grant reviewers. Reviewer request form,
      2. NEAFCS 2021 Annual Session offering in-person and virtual options
        1. November 2-5, 2021, Grand Rapids, Michigan
        2. Registration is required for both options 
        3. Early-bird registration deadline is October 1st. Details on the conference  webpage:
        4. Minnesota  in-person or virtually attendees – Kathy, Minnesota’s annual session coordinator. 
          1. 2021 MN Delegation – link to spreadsheet. Whether attending in-person OR virtually, please sign-in so we have a record of all who will attend.
        5. Items needed for the 2021 NEAFCS Silent Auction
          1. October 15 is the due date for the silent auction forms 
          2. bidding will be done online so all members can participate 
          3. Current donations from MN or ideas
      3. Star Donor Club limited to first 100 donors
        1. Supports the NEAFCS Awards Program
        2. For a $50 donation, receive a star pin at the Annual Session
        3. Exclusive and limited to the first 100 donors
        4. Donate at:  
  2. Committee Reports
    1. Awards – Mary Schroeder
      1. Friend of NEAFCS _ MN Affiliate Award Application 
      2. Press release of other awards will follow national session
    2. Membership – Kathy Brandt 
      1. Membership promotion: 1) Anita, Megan and Kelly are working on short videos highlighting the benefits of membership, 2) Kate has agreed to brainstorm with the current committee to come up with new ideas to reach potential members, 3) possibly present at a SNAP Friday meeting. For all of these ideas the NEAFCS-MN Impact Statements can be utilized. 
      2. Membership recruitment/blitz – The recruitment kick-off will be announced at the Affiliate Annual meeting, October 28 and will continue for 2-weeks to November 12. There will be a prize drawing for the current members who recruit a paid new member by the end date. The Awards and Membership Committee will work out the details which will be announced in the October Membership Memo. 
      3. The committee requests Executive Board action for 1 – $50.00 for the prize drawing. It will be used as an incentive to encourage current members to actively participate in the membership recruitment/blitz.
        1. Megan moved & Kate seconded, approved. 
      4. A membership recruitment list was created in 2019. Members will be encouraged to check the list and indicate who they will invite to join. If 1 – 2 from FD would review and update the list, it would be helpful.
        1. Megan & Donna will meet with SNAP-Ed regions to help with new member recruitment
        2. Megan will explore options for flyer creation (i.e. is this an appropriate ask for Jessica to create — potential to set up a contract for services. 
      5. Mentor program – will officially begin for next year, 2021 – 2022. Guidelines and checklist will be available by October 28. 
    3. Professional Development – Donna Anderson 
      1. Recap of MN Professional Development Day
      2. 24 in attendance, 4 non-members, waiting on evaluation comments from Lori Hendrickson
    4. Public Policy/Public Relations – Anita Hering
      1. Welcome to new committee member Morrine Omolo  
  1. Additional business 
    1. Next meeting agenda items: Budget for 2022; 2021 Annual Report
  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned @ 11:45am.

NEAFCS-MN Membership MEMO July 2021

Celebrating members accomplishments

A big shout out and congratulations to the following members:

  • Megan Hruby accepted to the Masters of Maternal and Child Health program at the University of Minnesota
  • Kelly Kunkel promoted from Associate Extension Professor to Extension Professor
  • Sam Roth accepted to the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Managerial Leadership Certificate Program

If you have news to share with your fellow NEAFCS-MN members, please contact Suzanne Driessen,

Friend of NEAFCS – MN Affiliate Award application due July 30, 2021

Do you know someone who or an organization who has provided significant contributions to support and enhance quality Family and Consumer Science programs? If so, now is a great time to nominate them for the Friend of NEAFCS – MN Affiliate Award. You can learn more about the award and the nomination process by reviewing the Friend of NEAFCS – MN Affiliate Award Application.  Email your application to Mary Schroeder by July 30, 2021.

NEAFCS Annual Session offering in-person and virtual options

The 2021 Annual Session will be held both virtually and in-person, November 2-5 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Registration is required for both options. Early-bird registration deadline is October 1st. Details on the conference webpage: If you are planning to attend either in-person or virtually, email Kathy Brandt,, Minnesota’s annual session coordinator.

Top 10 Reasons to attend the 2021 Annual Session

  1. Celebrate Minnesota’s regional and national awards winners!
  2. Concurrent sessions and ignite presentations
  3. In-Depth sessions
  4. Grand Rapids three day “Culture Pass” for only $20. The pass admits you to many cultural attractions around Grand Rapids and discounts at theatres and performance halls.
  5. The conference hotel, Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, recognized as one of the finest historic hotels across America located in hotel is in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids.
  6. The DeVos Place Convention Center connected to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel by a climate-controlled skywalk.
  7. Visit “One of the 10 best downtowns in the USA,” Forbes Magazine
  8. The Downtown Market is within easy walking distance with lots of food options.
  9. Welcome Event at the Grand Rapids Public Museum with many exhibits to explore along with a carousel.
  10. Silent auction and marketplace to shop.

Support NEAFCS President’s Charity

Each year, the national NEAFCS President picks a charity to support. This year, Dianne Gertson has chosen the NEAFCS Endowment. President Gertson is asking members to support donating $21 or more in 2021 to the NEAFCS Endowment. The goal is to raise$21,000 in 2021. Find more information on the Endowment and the President’s Charity in the June NEAFCS Network article.

Star Donor Club limited to first 100 donors

Star donor club member badge

The Star Donor Club supports the NEAFCS Awards Program. For a $50 donation you will receive a star pin at the Annual Session. This club is exclusive and limited to the first 100 donors. Consider paying it forward by becoming a Star Donor to keep and expand the awards program.

Items needed for the 2021 NEAFCS Silent Auction

Calling all crafters, artisans, and shoppers. Please consider donating an item to the 2021 NEAFCS Silent Auction to raise money to support and expand the awards program. October 15 is the due date for the silent auction form. The bidding will be done online so all members can participate. Email Kathy Brandt,, Minnesota’s annual session coordinator, if you have item(s) you will be donating.

Grant reviewers needed

NEAFCS is working with The American Heart Association to offer Healthy for Life Grants to members. The grant application deadline is August 20, 2021. NEAFCS is seeking grant reviewers. Complete the reviewer request form if interested.



  • Executive Committee: Suzanne Driessen, President; Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President; Megan Hruby, Treasurer; Kate Welshons, Secretary
  • Committee Chairs: Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations; Mary Schroeder, Awards/Membership; Donna Anderson, Professional Development
  • Administrative Liaison: Patricia Olson
  • Attendance: Kathy, Suzanne, Megan, Mary, Donna, Trish, and Anita


  1. Call to order at 2:04pm.
  2. Approval of agenda 
    • Mary approved agenda; Megan second. Motion carried. 

Secretary’s Report – Kate

  1. Roll call  Present:  Suzanne Driessen, Kathy Brandt, Megan Hruby, Anita Harris Hering, Mary Schroeder,  Donna Anderson, and Patricia Olson
  2. Approval of Minutes, April 27, 2021
    1. Anita motioned and Donna seconded. Minutes approved. 
  3. Minute reviewer for today’s meeting – Donna

Treasurer’s Report – Megan

  1. Checking account balance: $5,157.89
  2. Savings account balance: $851.50
  3. Megan set up Venmo as a method to pay for the Professional Development day. It should be set-up so it does not have a credit card fee. 
  4. Annual Filing with secretary of state – Megan will check on this. Kathy tried to login from the Secretary of State but ran into problems. Need login information. 

Administrative Liaison Discussion – Trish Olson

  1. Shared it is up to us to decide if we want to spend funds for a speaker for Professional Development Day
  2. Attended North Central Region meeting 6/21 – looking at if NEAFCS annual conference will be in-person or online.  State leaders were discussing if they will be meeting in-person at the conference. U of M has lifted International and National travel bans.
  3. Work that we do in Family and Consumer Sciences is what is needed in pre, during, and post-pandemic. Need to continue to let people know our work is needed. How can we work with other centers. Drought is huge and will have financial implications. Benefit of going back to the office is the ability to talk/connect/work with those in other Centers.  
  4. Megan commented that regional offices have monthly calls and spotlight our work. Good opportunity to share what we are doing such as the SNAP-Ed Place Based Work. 
  5. FD Day during the conference might focus on what is Place Based Work. For example, what would place based work look like related to Gardening. 
  6. Donna – online education worked really well. Agencies were willing to fund food. Families appreciated being able to participate at home. 
  7. Suzanne shared the National Organization has a grant with American Heart Association for members only. 
  8. Mary – need to share more at Regional office meetings about other work in FD. Trish suggested using Family News as a resource for ideas to share. 

Old Business

  1. Bylaw revisions – board review of members’ comments 
    1. Members were asked to comment; received several comments and suggestions.  
    2. Suggestions were reviewed with discussion on the following. The committee will take these into consideration as they make revisions. Have a membership vote on updates in October. 
      1. Article 3 decided to list as dues not fees.
      2. Under membership, clarify the first years members pay National dues and state affiliate is waived.
      3. Need to be a member by Feb. 1 to apply for awards. 
      4. Elections – Executive board will review vs approve slate of officers
      5. Will not add specifics on how electronic voting takes place, rather that it is an option.
      6. Removal of members – committee will review the number of votes needed to remove a member. 
      7. If a person is part of the Executive board and are also being looked at being removed, this person would get a vote. 
      8. Officers should review their role in Article 5. Decided to have filed with the Secretary of State to go with the Treasurer role. 
  2. Membership Memo topics and author list
    1. Let Suzanne know if you have ideas. 
    2. Sharing our resources, work, and advice are all values of being a member. 
  3. Listserv management documents – Kathy
    1. Officers are ‘owners’ of the Listserv. Suzanne, Megan and Kathy are current owners. As officers change the owners need to be updated. See the how-to document for details.
  1. NEAFCS-MN Officer-Committee Manual Updates – Kathy
    1. Each officer and committee chair – review and edit your section (responsibilities and timeline) as needed. Make comments and revisions per Suzanne’s examples for the President’s section. 

ii. Complete by the next Exec Board Meeting, August 5

New Business

  1. Nominating committee for 2022 officers – Kathy
    1. President, President-elect and Treasurer are open positions. Is there someone willing to become President without serving as President-elect? Might it work to have co-presidents? Your thoughts and ideas? 
    2. Volunteers to serve on committees? 
  2. National updates – Suzanne
    1. Annual session – most likely will be in-person. 
    2. Grant opportunities – 1. June 29, 1-2 pm. American Heart Association Healthy for Life Grant Application (2021 – 2022), NEAFCS is excited to announce a grant opportunity supporting the Healthy for Life® community nutrition program, an initiative led by Aramark and the American Heart Association (AHA).  The Healthy for Life® evidence-based nutrition education experiences are supported by American Heart Association science and developed by food and nutrition experts.
    3. Silent auction – donation from Minnesota. Will be both in-person and virtual.
  3. Endowment budget and spending proposal
    1. Tabled until next meeting.

Committee Reports

  1. Awards – Mary Schroeder 
    1. 4 Regional winners; 2 National. Mary checked with Nationals and cannot announce Regional and National awards since Nationals is after Ext. Program conference. We can announce state winners. 
  2. Membership – Kathy Brandt
    1. Members of Awards and Membership will meet to discuss a new membership flyer / possible membership recruitment/blitz for fall — host or participate in a Friday SNAP webinar to share impact statements and to invite to join / other ideas?
    2. Membership memo is featuring a member each month – is there a way to use this in the promotional materials? 
    3. Let Suzanne know of any good news to share from members.
    4. One of the drawings for Professional Development day will be a MN membership to NEAFCS.  
    5. 100% of our members are on committees which is great!!
  1. Professional Development – Donna Anderson 
    1. Flyers have been sent out. Keynote speaker on Wellness through the Arts. Participants will receive a packet to use. Karen Mathes will be talking about Chrome and online games. Will have a physical activity and speaker on photo voice. Lunch, awards, and prizes. 
    2. 10 registered so far. Will be promoted in E-news, Family News, Catalyst etc. 
    3. Discussed the option of opening it up to more. Those present thought it was a good idea. 
    4. Discussed paying speaker fee from Endowment rather than checking account. Mary moved, Kathy seconded to use $500 from Endowment to checking to pay the $500 speaker fee for professional development day. Approved. 
    5. Trish will talk to Dean Durgan for approval to use work time for staff to attend Professional Development Day. 
  1. Public Policy/Public Relations – Anita Hering
    1. No update as most of the work was at the beginning of the year getting ready for Living Well promotion in March.
    2. Watch for communication on Pride Month and resources.  
  1. By-laws Committee Ad Hoc – Suzanne, Kathy, Anita, Sam 
    1. Committee has worked hard on this. Sent to membership for review and feedback.
    2. Tried to align with National by-laws as much as possible.

Meeting adjourned @ 4:05 pm

Minutes reviewed by Donna Anderson. 

June 2021 Membership Memo

Registration for Affiliate’s Professional Development Day now open

Register today for the NEAFCS-MN Professional Development Day 2021, Silver Lining and Sifting Through the Pieces, to be held on August 4, 2021 from 9 am-1pm over Zoom.

Anyone is welcome to attend. Invite your colleagues to attend. There is no registration fee for members and guests register for just $10.

A great line up of speakers will share:

  • how to use art throughout our work, the art of storytelling for evaluation and stress relief
  • camera angles, lighting, and techniques for teaching online classes
  • engaging games over zoom
  • virtual lunch to celebrate our Minnesota award winners

Register here:

You got a great program, share it on a national webinar

Looking for a way to share your program and knowledge in a scholarly fashion to colleagues around the nation? Consider submitting a proposal to present a webinar for NEAFCS members. Webinar proposals are peer-reviewed, and an evaluation form provides you with feedback after your presentation. Find the proposal form here.

All webinars are recorded and archived and posted here. If you missed the Roth vs. Traditional: Understand the Differences webinar, it is worth checking out. The July 21, 2021 NEAFCS Webinar topic is Embracing the Power of Prevention. Webinars are FREE to all NEAFCS members. Register here:

Bylaws changes, member comment period ends June 18, 2021

The Bylaw ad hoc committee spent many, many hours reviewing and revising the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate’s Bylaws. Before it goes to a vote to all members, we are asking all members to review and provide comments during the comment period which ends June 18, 2021. Please review proposed bylaw changes recommended by the ad hoc committee to accurately reflect our current governing rules. Use the suggest editing feature or add comments. Your suggestions and comments will be reviewed at the June 22nd affiliate board meeting. Once reviewed and approved by the board, a final version will be sent to members before a vote at our October 28 Annual Meeting via Zoom from 2-4:30 pm. Thank you for your review and comments!

Membership Spotlight: Anna Sneltjes

Hello NEAFCS-MN members! My name is Anna and I have been a SNAP-Ed Educator out of the St. Cloud Regional Office for three years. I grew up in the Twin Cities but have enjoyed learning about and working in Central Minnesota, especially with my colleagues at the St. Cloud Regional Office. I graduated from Concordia College in 2015 with an Exercise Science and Nutrition degree. This is my second year as a NEAFCS-MN affiliate member — so for those of you I haven’t met yet, I look forward to doing so hopefully soon, and continuing to learn from you all.

Here are a few tidbits about my overall and recent Extension work:

  • Summer youth programming and hands-on cooking classes with families are my favorite — seeing the curiosity of children and families building healthy habits together is so special!
  • In addition to co-teaching with educators from across the state, one highlight of this past year has been leading the newly formed SNAP-Ed physical activity project team.
  • In 2020, I had the privilege of teaching two virtual pilot programs – Walk with Ease, a physical activity focused curriculum, and Start Strong: Cooking, Feeding, and More (thanks to Mary Schroeder. and Kelly Kunkel), a training series for at-home childcare providers.

I am excited to see the direction that SNAP-Ed and Extension is going, and how we will continue to take innovative approaches to support families and communities towards better health.

When I’m not working, you can find me running, trying out new recipes, enjoying the great outdoors, and/or spending time with my friends and family. The non-work photo is of my mother and I making lefse this past holiday season!

Report your service to national NEAFCS

Did you submit an abstract to present at annual session? Did you volunteer to peer-review awards? Did you provide any service to the national organization this year? If so, please help us document on column K here. Also, don’t forget to include this national service on your vitae and annual professional assessment. One of the benefits of NEAFCS is to help you connect nationally through scholarship and service.

Connect Extension: The motherlode of Extension resources

Are you aware of this amazing online resource, Connect Extension, It’s tagline is: “a hub for learning, professional development, and collaboration.” The site offers idea and information sharing among Extension colleagues across the nation, a learning events calendar to share educational opportunities, eBook versions of many field guides, and more! Connect Extension is part of the Extension Foundation.

The Extension Foundation, (formerly eXtension) is a membership-based non-profit designed to be the engine fueling U.S. Cooperative Extension’s education outreach from land-grant universities/colleges located in every state and territory. The University of Minnesota Extension is a member. All Cooperative Extension professionals are invited to join Connect Extension. To register your free account, click here. (Adapted from NEAFCS Network, May 2021). 

The Washington Post touts Extension as the best free cooking resource

Becky Krystal a food reporter and staff writer for Eat Voraciously, a publication of the Washington Post followed up on an article she wrote about libraries as an excellent free resource for home cooks with an article about Extension. Becky interviews several Extension colleagues (many NEAFCS members) about the vast array of Extension resources and programs and explains in detail how to access these resources. Read the article here,

National NEAFCS Updates and Requests

  • President’s Charity for 2021 – Join NEAFCS members in donating $21 or more in 2021 to the NEAFCS Endowment. The interest from the NEAFCS Endowment Fund provides stable, continued resources NEAFCS. Donations can be made online here.
  • 2022 Grants for Innovative Projects – The deadline to submit is January 31.  Click here to access the Proposal Form to be considered for a grant in 2022.

(Adapted from NEAFCS Network, May 2021). 

Membership Memo May 2021

Member spotlight – Mary Schroeder

Mary Schroeder with Lola

Mary Schroeder has been an Extension Educator with the University of Minnesota Extension for 22 years, the majority of those years she has been a member of NEAFCS. One of her favorite NEAFCS memories is when the group toured an Artisan bread bakery. She also enjoys getting to connect with Extension staff from other areas of Extension.

Mary enjoys teaching and helping participants learn simple things they can do to make healthier food choices. Her favorite project right now is working with a team to teach, Start Strong: Cooking, Feeding, and More, to childcare providers in Minnesota. Ironically, one of her favorite projects from her early years in Extension was Hot Shots which was a sun safety training for childcare providers.

Outside of work, Mary and her family enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors. Mary lives on the farm where she grew up. Mary is not an animal lover and would be fine with no pets but the rest of the family loves animals. Thus, they have 3 horses, 2 goats, 5 cats, 1 dog, several chickens, and a donkey named Lola (in the photo).

Lost! Please help find

Do you keep everything? Well good! We hope you can help find some lost annual reports, annual meeting minutes and board meeting minutes. These documents are important items to track our history and accomplishments as an association.  Documents we are missing include:

  • Annual reports: 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Annual meeting minutes: 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Board meeting minutes: 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13

If you have any of these or other historical association related documents, please email them to our Secretary, Kate Welshons at Thank you for your help in making our historical archives complete.

Help us track your national NEAFCS scholarship and service

Did you submit an abstract to present at annual session or an article for the Journal of NEAFCS? Did you volunteer to judge national awards? Did you provide any scholarship or service to the national organization this year? If so, please help us document it here. Also, don’t forget to include national service on your vitae and annual professional assessment. One of the benefits of NEAFCS is to help you connect your scholarship and service nationally.

Our history

Do you like history? If so, you will find this a fun read. It’s the history of our Minnesota association from 1928 – 2021. While you are on the page, add anything that is missing or change anything that is incorrect. If you like podcasts, listen to the fascinating Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast about the history of home economics and impact during wars, pandemics, and hard times. Our work as Extension professionals is mentioned a lot in the podcast. Listen here.

Reminders and requests

By Kate Welshons, Secretary

  • Do you have any creative ideas on how to connect with potential members? Please contact Membership Chair Kathy Brandt,
  • Remember to mark your calendars for the annual NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Professional Development Day — Wednesday, August 4, 2021. Registration details coming soon!
  • Do you have ideas, articles, or stories about your work we can highlight in the membership memo? Please contact Suzanne at

Annual session – Mark your calendar

The national proud recently served all members about the NEAFCS 2021 Annual Session and preference for a virtual or in-person (Amway Grand, Grand Rapids, MI) session. A decision will be made early June. In the meantime, mark your calendar for November 2-5, 2021. Email Kathy Brandt,, our affiliate’s annual session coordinator if you plan to attend.

Congrats to life member Rose Allen

NEAFCS President, Dianne Gertson, announced in her May video message to membership, Rose Allen was one of April icon contest winners. The first 5 members to eye spy the icon in each monthly newsletter will be entered into a drawing to receive a complimentary registration to annual session. If Congrats and good luck Rose!

2021 NEAFCS Icon

Connecting with Colleagues 

Register for the NEAFCS Connecting with Colleagues networking session, July 16, 2021. Topic is “Working with Underserved Audiences”. Register here.



  • Executive Committee: Suzanne Driessen, President; Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President; Megan Hruby, Treasurer; Kate Welshons, Secretary
  • Committee Chairs: Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations; Mary Schroeder, Awards/Membership; Donna Anderson, Professional Development
  • Administrative Liaison: Patricia Olson
  • Attendance: Donna, Kathy, Suzanne, Mary, Megan, Anita, Trish & Kate


  1. Call to order 
  2. Approval of agenda 
  3. Secretary’s report – Kate
  1. Roll call 
  2. Approval of Minutes, February 23, 2021 
  3. Minute reviewer for today’s meeting – Anita
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Megan
    1. Checking account balance: $5,157.89
    2. Savings account balance: $ 851.49
    3. National Endowment Contribution through 2020-2024 (Every year for 5 years)
      1. Voted to contribute to $200 per year over the next 5 years
    4. IRS filings — how to directions here
      1. Need to do this every year — Megan has filed for 2019, still needs to file for 2020 (separate from filing with MN Secretary of State every year)
  1. Administrative Liaison Discussion – Trish Olson
    1. Bylaw revision – question about addition of dissolution of organization section
      1. Bylaws committee will finish draft, send to board for review, then to membership to review and vote on the amendments
    2. Updates
      1. Consider NEAFCS session @ fall conference
      2. Trish is currently reviewing budget 
  2. Old business
    1. Membership Memo, March
    2. Membership Memo, April
    3. Membership Memo topics and author list
      1. Feel free to send ideas & articles to Suzanne if you would like them highlighted in the membership memo 
      2. Can potentially explore options to track readership rate 
  1. New business
    1. Minnesota affiliate member national activities – how to track
      1. Potentially send out reminder with monthly memos – input information into spreadsheet (or other tracking document) – awards committee will discuss and report back about options 
    2. Annual Filing with secretary of state – Kathy 
      1. Update by mid-May – Megan will work on this 
    3. Listserv ‘how to’ document – Kathy
      1. Share screen of document / need to add instructions for adding ‘owners’
        1. Kathy will work with IT on this
    4. NEAFCS-MN Officer-Committee Manual Updates – Kathy
      1. Working in conjunction with the Ad Hoc By-laws Committee
      2. Committee chairs will be notified when to begin updating their committee responsibilities and timeline listed in the NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Officers and Committees Manual. 

Committee Reports

Awards – Mary Schroeder 

  • Updates will be shared in May 
  • Awards will be announced in the fall by National – Mary looking into options to see if we can annonce locally before 

Membership – Kathy Brandt

  • Welcome to Morrine Omolo, Food Safety Extension Specialist, Department of Food Science and Nutrition! Find more information about Morrine in the April Member Memo.
  • Current Annual Membership = 16
  • Update membership material/flyer 
    • Looking for ways on how to connect with more potential members – if you have any creative ideas for materials, please connect with Kathy!

Professional Development – Donna Anderson 

  • Save the date flyer was just sent out – Wednesday August 4, 10am-1pm – mark your calendars!
  • Registration information to follow 
  • Discussion in process about honorarium amount for speaker as well as potential supplies that will be sent out to participants 

Public Policy/Public Relations – Anita Hering

  • Impact statements – were shared at PILD (April 12-14th, 2021) with Extension administration and on their virtual hill visits
  • March Living Well Campaign 2021
    • Letter to all members sent out on Feb. 25th to prepare for March LW month 
    • Social Media posts were developed and included in letter
    • News Release was sent out to membership
    • Zoom background created for members to use
    • Promotion for LW was given to membership, an article in FD’s  Family News, KASM radio (2x), 8 Wellness videos were sent to membership weeks 3 and 4 of March (Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Occupational, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Wellness)
    • LW grew legs in FD’s Family News and in Crookston Times, Park Rapids

By-laws Committee Ad Hoc – Suzanne, Kathy, Anita, Sam 

  • Ad-hoc committee will present amended by-laws to the board at the June meeting for review and approval
    • Vote on by-laws during annual meeting
  • Past President’s Report – Kathy Brandt
    • Annual session affiliate coordinator – Kathy will fulfill this role (thanks Kathy!)

Additional business 

  • Board will explore hosting Friday webinar, possibly during a SNAP-ED 10:00am designated webinar time slot, to encourage NEAFCS membership & impact statements/success stories 


Meeting adjourned @ 4:02pm.

April 2021 NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Member Memo

The 2021 NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Professional Development Day is August 4, 2021
By Donna Anderson, Professional Development Committee Chair

The Professional Development Committee team, Kelly Kunkel Joyce Serido, Megan Hruby, Lori Hendrickson and I invite you to mark August 4, 2021 from 9 AM-1 PM on your calendars. Our annual NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate Professional Development Day is open to all members, retirees, and nonmembers. Presenters will highlight the silver lining and the gains made during COVID during the Over the COVID Rainbow session Zoom session. Topics will focus on the things we learned and relationships we built that maybe would not have happened had we not had COVID. Watch for registration details soon.

Date: Wednesday, August 4,2021

Location: Zoom

Theme: Over the COVID Rainbow: Silver lining and Sifting Through the Pieces

Time: 9 am – 1 pm


  • Art throughout our work; storytelling, evaluation, stress relief
  • Online classes; camera angles, lighting
  • Games over Zoom
  • Lunch/awards

Minnesota programs spotlighted in national NEAFCS impact statements

By Suzanne Driessen, 2021 President, MN-Affiliate

Woot! Woot! Once again Minnesota’s Extension programs were featured in the national 2021 NEAFCS impact statements ( Thanks for sharing your great work with the nation. Eight of our twelve submissions were included in six of the eleven impact statements.

In addition, Minnesota’s public policy and public Relations committee created a fact sheet with all of Minnesota’s impacts that were submitted to the national portal. You can view it here. I shared the Minnesota impact statement with Dean Durgan, the associate deans and government relations staff. I also shared our Minnesota impacts with Representative Tom Emmer’s agriculture staffer during a greet and meet Zoom session as part of the Public Institute Leadership Development Conference in April.

Programs featured in the national impact statements include:

Reflections from the Public Issues Leadership Conference

By Kate Welshons, Secretary, Minnesota Affiliate

Attending the Extension Public Issues Leadership Conference (PILD) was a great opportunity to learn how to develop effective communication and storytelling strategies that help demonstrate the impact and importance of Extension programming.

Here are a few of my key takeaways:

  • When speaking with elected officials, it’s important to emphasize the ways in which Extension aligns with county and state goals and that we are a thriving and collaborative entity that directly serves their constituents. 
  • Although planning and preparation are a key part of the process of speaking with elected officials, you must also expect to plan for contingencies and have a backup plan – certainly, something 2020 has taught us all! 
  • Preparing also includes researching your audience — learn more about who you are speaking with and how your ‘ask’ might align with the priorities of their office. 
  • Advocating on behalf of Extension does not begin or end with meeting with elected officials — it’s of equal importance that we build public support by attending open local government meetings, educate public policy decision-makers, and to continuously build coalitions. 
  • As Extension professionals, we must also pursue an ongoing commitment to leadership development. This will help strengthen our skills as storytellers and advocates for Extension programming.

Meet our newest member, Morrine Omolo

Morrine Omolo

Dr. Morrine Omolo joined the University of Minnesota’s Department of Food Science and Nutrition (FScN) as a Food Safety Extension Specialist in January 2021. Morrine holds a B.S. in Biochemistry, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Food Science.  Morrine seeks to build relationships between the FScN department and local food producing communities in MN. In doing so, she hopes to learn first-hand the food safety related issues faced by specialty crop farmers and cottage food producers. This contextual knowledge will help the department explore ways and opportunities to address these concerns through broad scientific, technical, and educational competencies. Outside of work, Morrine enjoys travelling, building jigsaw puzzles and spending time with family. Welcome Morrine to Extension and the NEAFCS family.

National Professional Development Opportunities

The national Professional Development Committee and national board offer many opportunities and learn from colleagues across the nation. Check out these opportunities:

Consider a donation to the NEAFCS Silent Auction

The National Awards & Recognition: Sponsorship & Support Subcommittee has been planning for a fun and successful Silent Auction for 2021. The silent auction supports the Awards Fund. In 2021, during the NEAFCS Annual Session there will be an in-person auction access online for all to bid. Plan now for your silent auction donation:

  1. Choose items that can be easily mailed if not brought to the annual session,
  2. No alcohol donations, however, a gift card is okay
  3. If offering a mailed option, include mailing cost into your donation expense
  4. Limit any wearable donations to those items without sizing (scarves, aprons, jewelry, etc).

 If you have something you would like to donate to the silent auction, please email Kathy Brandt,

National Awards by the numbers

2020 was a busy program year for award applications Minnesota and National NEAFCS members. Here are the 2021 national awards by the numbers from the national awards Chair of Awards and Recognition Julie Garden-Robinson.

  • 632 applications were submitted in 2021
  • 473 applicants moved to regional/national judging
  • 32 affiliates had applicants.
  • 102 affiliate members volunteered to judge.
  • 60 affiliate members were randomly selected to judge
  • April 16: date for judges to have their scores back.
  • Early May: Applicants will be informed whether their application was judged a winning entry at the national level and/or regional level

NEAFCS-MN Membership Memo March 2021

February Board Key Highlights

By Kate Welshons, Secretary

  • Interested in becoming a mentor for new members? Contact Kathy Brandt for more information,
  • The Professional Development committee has been hard at work planning this year’s event — thank you to everyone for your feedback and input via Jam board! It will be a virtual event. Looking at first or second Wednesday in August.
  • Twelve impact reports were submitted to National. Thanks to all for your hard work — Minnesota is well represented!
  • Kate Welshons and Suzanne Driessen received scholarship to attend the virtual Public Issues Leadership Development Conference April 12-13, 2021. Stay tuned for updates!
  • If you are planning to submit to the Journal of NEAFCS, please note the submission deadline is April 15, 2021. Portal here.

Why I give?

By Suzanne Driessen, NEAFCS Minnesota Affiliate President

I took our national NEAFCS President Dianne Gertson, President’s Charity challenge for every NEAFCS member to donate $21 in 2021 to the National Endowment. Why did I do it? As a member, I have benefited from the use of these funds in many ways. As your affiliate President, I received a scholarship to attend the Extension Leadership Virtual Conference in February. This funds also support registration fee waivers for national award winners. Sure, I pay annual membership dues, but what I have gotten back through scholarships have far outweighed my investment. This is why I give annually to the NEAFCS National Endowment.

Join me and other members across the nation and, donate $21 in 2021 to the President’s Charity. Use this form. Choose the option “$21 for 2021” when donating. Contributions donated through this option will go to the General Endowment Fund.

Joint Council of Extension Professionals – Extension Leadership Conference Reflections

By Megan Hruby, NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Treasurer

February 10th-12th I had the opportunity to attend the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) Extension Leadership Conference on behalf of NEAFCS via the online platform Whova. This was my first national conference I’ve attended since starting Extension 7 years ago. Some descriptive words I use to describe my experience are innovation, networking, technology, digital footprint, apps, community, support, COVID, and “flawsome”.

I felt supported by the Extension community during this conference and it was refreshing to connect and network with professionals from other states, even though it was over zoom. The platform, Whova, was a great conference platform. I was able to plan and organize my day and choose what programs and speakers I wanted to learn from. A huge bonus to being virtual was that some of the sessions were recorded so I could go back and watch at a later time.

I learned a lot about using different apps that I can use during an educational program. Everyone was willing to share information and what worked well during their programs. I have tried new technology during classes and meetings and it really adds a fun element.

The last day, NEAFCS held a meeting and that discussion was helpful. I also felt supported by our organization. They asked questions like how our organization can help you in the future with broadband and reaching audiences that have limited access and other things on our radar.

Overall, this conference was a great experience! I appreciate the opportunity and scholarship support from National to attend the JCEP Extension Leadership Conference as a first-timer.

May I have your autograph?

By Suzanne Driessen, NEAFCS-MN Affiliate President

One of things I love about NEAFCS is sharing and celebrating our members accomplishments. I proudly share and congratulate members Mary Caskey, Becky Hagen Jokela, Lori Hendrickson and Kelly Kunkel published work in peer-reviewed journals. Creating intellectual work through the scholarship of application and teaching and engagement and sharing with peers and experts in the field is to be congratulated and celebrated! Recently published work includes:

  • Mary Caskey and team. TIME to Eat Healthy and Move More: A Parent/Child Curriculum. 2020. Journal of the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences. Check out page 60 in the 2020 Journal.
  • Becky Hagen Jokela and Lori Hendrickson. 2021. Reflections on COVID-19: Changing Delivery Methods in the Midst of A Pandemic. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences. More here.
  • Kelly Kunkel and team. Providing menu and shopping toolkits to improve food access and security during a pandemic. 2020. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. Read article here.

Fun Facts: Quasi-Endowment Fund 8094

By Megan Hruby, NEAFCS-MN Affiliate Treasurer

Madonna Monette, Finance Director attended our February Executive Board meeting. She gave a fascinating and informative overview of our University of Minnesota Foundation quasi-endowment fund 8094. I want to share some fun facts about the fund with you.

  • Fund was established in March 2010
  • Fund purpose: Supports the growth and development of U of M Extension Educators. Funds will be used to pursue professional activities for scholarly work and maintains the wellbeing of families and communities in Minnesota
  • Annual spending is permitted up to 20% of the prior year’s cash balance
  • Fund is subject to market volatility-investment returns have been declining since 2018
  • In our current budget we have proposed to use $400 from the Quasi-Endowment fund for an professional development opportunities for members.
  • In 2002, monies from the fund was tapped to support registration for six member to attend the  NEAFCS Annual Virtual Session
  • Terms that may be used when describing this fund: Endowment, Foundation, Quasi-Endowment, “Q” Funds, UMF
  • Irina Cherevatsky has been assigned as the new Center Account and will be working with our affiliate

NEAFCS Minnesota Actively Promoting the Living Well Campaign

By Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations Chair

A CALL TO ACTION was emailed on Feb. 25, 2021 to all the MN Affiliate members regarding March Living Well month, asking members to   become involved.  Here are some ways members have taken action steps to get the word out.

The Living Well logo with the slogan, “Raising Kids, Eating Right, Spending Smart, Living Well” has been used alongside email signatures, and some have been using the Zoom background created for MN members in their NEAFCS online meetings and gatherings.

 MN Affiliate Public Policy/Public Relations provided 34 Social Media post ideas along with the hashtags of #Minnesota, #ItStartsWithUs, and #LivingWellMonth to membership, and thus far 3 tweets from MN Affiliate have been shared nationally on Twitter.

Our Living Well News release grew legs and was picked up by the Crookston Times on March 10, 2021.

An article was submitted in UMN Extension Family News with a downloadable journal page.

Living Well  radio spots were recorded for KASM radiobySuzanne Driessen, aired the week of March 8th, and by Anita Harris Hering, airing the week of March 22nd.

NEW this year from National Public Affairs-Advocacy subcommittee was a colorful March calendar with Living Well ideas to use in teaching and given out within the community.

In addition, National NEAFCS launched 8 Living Well videos. To promote personal wellness here in MN, each Affiliate member is receiving one video a day by email during the last two weeks of March. 

What has worked well for you to promote Living Well to your friends, communities, and colleagues?

NEAFCS Board Meeting Minutes – February 23, 2021


  • Executive Committee: Suzanne Driessen, President; Kathy Brandt, Immediate Past President; Megan Hruby, Treasurer; Kate Welshons, Secretary
  • Committee Chairs: Anita Harris Hering, Public Policy/Public Relations; Mary Schroeder, Awards/Membership; Donna Anderson, Professional Development
  • Administrative Liaison: Patricia Olson
  • Guest: Madonna Monette to discuss NEAFCS UMF Fund, 8094 from 3:00-3:30 pm
  • Attendance: Suzanne, Megan, Kate, Trish, Donna, & Madonna (special guest!)


  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of agenda
  3. Secretary’s report – Kate
    1. Roll call 
    2. Approval of Minutes, December 17, 2020
    3. Minute reviewer for today’s meeting
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Megan
    1. Checking account balance: $5,007.89
    2. Savings account balance: $$851.47
  5. Administrative Liaison Update – Trish Olson
    1. issues of broadband internet access – what is extension’s response? what is extension’s responsibility? 
    2. opportunity for covid education and addressing vaccine hesitancy – usda nifa & CDC
      1. we will learn more in the coming weeks about what role extension could possibly play 
  1. UMF Fund 8094 Orientation and Q & A (3-3:30 pm) – Madonna Monette
    1. gift fund at the foundation 
      1. 4 different types of funds
      2. neafcs is quasi-endowment

Committee Reports

Awards – Mary Schroeder – on vacation, emailed update:

  • 8 award applications in 5 categories.
  • 4 retirees and 2 active members for judges

Membership – Kathy Brandt

  • Current membership: Annual=15, National Life Membership=1.
  • Mentor program
    • Looking for volunteers to serve as mentors for Sam Roth and Joyce Serido – let Kathy know if you’re interested
    • will provide a guide/checklist to mentors (being developed)
  • Membership promotion video – update by Anita and Megan on behalf of the committee working on this including Kelly K. (Thanks Anita and Megan!)  

Professional Development – Donna Anderson 

  • Donna will connect with Trina to discuss possible NEAFCS breakout session at FD professional development day
  • MN interest Jam board survey results – members expressing interest in attending online
  • first or second wednesday in august   

Public Policy/Public Relations – Anita Hering

  • Dining Out monthly promotion in December included Social media and 2x a week emails to membership
  • Impact Statements – 12 were submitted
    • Categories submitted included
      • COVID-19 Pandemic response (2)
      • Disaster Preparedness Education (1)
      • Food Safety (3)
      • Financial Management (2)
      • Food and Nutrition (3)
      • Community Health and Wellness (1)
  • Living Well monthly promotion in March 
    • Working on promotion in Catalyst, email and radio spots

By-laws Committee Ad Hoc – Suzanne, Kathy, Anita, Sam Roth

  • Committee met and will independently review bylaws and compare with national and other organizations
  • 2nd meeting is scheduled in March
  • President’s report
    • National updates – Leadership ladder and NEAFCS Leadership Experience Applications due March 15, 2021. Need mentees and mentors. Topics include: Leading Self: Working in your Strengths, Leading in your Community: Working with Authentic Relationships, Leading in your Affiliate: Working as an Extension Professional, Leading in NEAFCS: Working at the Next Level. 
      • President charity – $21 in 2021 contribution to NEAFCS endowment challenge. 
      • 2021 Journal of NEAFCS Submission Portal deadline April 15, 2021
    • Ideas to track and highlight MN members involvement with national committees or activities, ie. Abstract reviewers
    • JCEP highlights with Megan
    • PILD April 12-13, 2021 Affiliate representatives – Kate Welshons and Suzanne Driessen
    • NEAFCS Membership Monthly Memo topic and theme schedule
  • Past President’s Report – Kathy Brandt
    • nothing at this time 🙂 


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm. 

Minutes by Kate Welshons, NEAFCS MN Affiliate Secretary